The Wake, a gothic link to our past, a totem of the present, and a glimpse of the future | Interview

The Wake return with an album that connects the waves of gothic!

Stawberry Pills, crime fiction stories and songs featuring morbidity and eroticism | Interview

Strawberry Pills narrates their horror, crime fiction stories in "Murder To A Beat". Everyone is suspect. Make your move, find the answer!

Statiqbloom, early industrial sounds meet haunting electronics to creat post-industrial soundscapes | Interview

Statiqbloom is the line where early industrial and EBM tunes are combined with haunting atmosphere and vocals.

Clan Of Xymox, the carriers of dark electro, gothic culture that inspires and succeeds | Interview

Clan of Xymox are back with the "Spiders On The Wall" album and Ronny Moorings opens his heart to us... "My prediction is that all culture will be dead soon and that we are all treated as consumers..."

Elvis de Sade, the ambivalence between pop and darkness | Interview

Munich's dark pop, dark wave project Elvis De Sade, spoke to us about the depression in their music and an angel friend, any of us can have.

IAMTHESHADOW, The sad ways of describing love, happiness and hope | Interview

IAMTHESHADOW is back with a new album, "Pitchblack" in a few days, and they talked to us about the dark path that led them to this beautiful release!

Solar Fake, an electro project out of a gothic heart | Interview

Solar Fake will be in Athens, on March 14th for a night full of emotions under dark atmosphere and electronic paths. We had this interesting conversation about their work, their chemistry with Greek people and many more...

Incirrina, analogue and minimal sounds in dark, experimental ambience | Interview

Incirrina manage to create a compact and dynamic electronic dark wave soundscape, moving from the cold and minimalistic analogue synths to experimental, dark ambient. Read what the talented duo told us about their music, their inspirations, and the future.

FAKEBA, The Queen of Africa with JOHN FRYER, the multiplatinium producer. | Interview

The music of John Fryer and Fakeba mixes the tradition of the black continent, the most up-to-day electronic and the sound of guitars that made a full generation dream. An interview in collaboration with the amazing Spanish webzine El Garage De Frank!

Lefki Symphonia, underground spirit and the dark essence of the lyrics and music | Interview.

Lefki Symphonia, one of the pioneers in post-punk scene in Greece, speaks about the music, the band and the exclusive live set in DeathDisco MiniFest 2k20, where they will perform their first album, "Mistiki Kipi.

Soviet Soviet, when the fate is written, then the art punk keeps the darkness alive | Interview

Soviet Soviet returns to Athens to give another amazing concert, while Death Disco Mini Fest goes to Gagarin 205! Cleopatra K. spoke to the Italian post-punk, shoegaze...

KMFDM, The Ultra Heavy Beat | Interview

KMFDM is going out on tour with Ministry and FLA, and Sascha speaks about a band which defines the industrial rock sound. The Ultra-Heavy Beat.

Data Fragments, loud and violent stories through emotional dark sounds | Interview

Data Fragments, will perform their darkest stories in Death Disco Mini Fest 2k20 - Post-Punk Edition and they spoke to ElektroSpank | FMA about the music, the words, the influences and, of course, the live show on Saturday, February 8th.

NØIR, a dark-hued music project, balancing in the gothic and industrial sides of Athan Maroulis

Athan Maroulis, the man who's name is linked with major dark wave, industrial bands, like Spahn Ranch and Black Tape For A Blue Girl, talks about NØIR, their music, the influences in all those years of music and his point of view to new music things!

Blackline, an electro music collective blending electronic and EBM tunes | Interview

Blackline, the music project of Nitzer Ebb's members, Douglas J. McCarthy and Bon Harris, Cyrusrex and Ken "hiwatt" Marshall (Skinny puppy) talk about the music the past, the present and the future!

A Projection, an, in all senses, original post-punk band | Interview

One of the bands that is really in the front line of the post-punk revival is A Projection. A Projection are back with their third music chapter and we had a great chat about it!

Parzival, a martial industrial collective that dives into doom sounds | Interview

Spiritual tunes, martial industrial going into gothic lines and doom territories with beautiful arrangements and a deep voice. Parzival's members talk about their music, "The Golden Bough", and upcoming concert in Athens.

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