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Today's Sound: Degenerated Sequences - Divine Redemption

Single and official video from Degenerated Sequences, taken from the new album "Schism"!

"Schism" is the new album from dark electro, industrial project of Yiannis Dseq, Degenerated Sequences. "Schism" released on February 22nd, 2023, via Adoxya Records and is the second full length album from the Greek based act, and the man who is also the half of the harsh industrial band Preemptive Strike 0.1. Seven years after the S/T debut album, Degenerated Sequences is back with an album that blends techno beats, EBM and old school dark electro influences.

"Divine Redemption" was the first single out of "Schism", released on February 2nd, 2023. "Divine Redemption" is a powerful dark electro song with stomping beats, strong bass lines and a bleak synth arrangement creating a dark emotional ambience, filled with the harsh vocals of Yiannis Dseq. Lyric-wise the song is about the human process till final redemption, as Yiannis comments: "As a song, it expresses feelings of oppression, defiance and final redemption from situations and people. It’s kind of inspired by the stories of Prometheus and Lucifer and makes it representative for the album’s title Schism.".

Yiannis wanted to return and reposition Degenerated Sequences on the scene and he definitely managed to create the ideal conditions with "Divine Redemption" and "Schism". Yiannis says: "The new Degenerated Sequences album titled “Schism” is a collection of tracks created through the past year after the debut on 2016. Many years have past since then and things have changed. So I thought I should reposition myself on the scene and together with the new material a video has been made for the track Divine Redemption. By the way, I would really like to thanks Harris J. Ads for creating this video."

"Schism" expresses the uniqueness of a man. As Yiannis comments,"The album’s title states for being unique and always search for knowledge and be creativity separating yourself from established forms. This is the way I try to approach music. The creation of the album has been a personal experience from the beginning to the end. I could describe the creation process as a procedure through which thoughts, feelings, and ideas take form using hardware and software equipment. Most of the tracks are based on ideas created during improvisation with my gear and then work furthermore on them to get the final result. I hope the listener will find it interesting as I believe there is variety build upon an old school dark electro core."

Video directed by Harris J.C

Camera Nikos Kokolakis

Guest Georgia K

Music & lyrics Yiannis Dseq

Footage by cottonbro studio https://www.pexels.com/@cottonbro/

Gravures created with AI Starryai https://starryai.com/





Adoxya Records




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