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Today's Sound: Stranger Dreams - Defiant

Pure gothic rock sounds from the, LA based, goth rockers, Stranger Dreams!

 "Defiant" is today's sound. Stranger Dreams released the first single out of their upcoming album, "After The Rave Has Died For The Dove", coming out via Unknown Pleasure Records and Crunch Pod, on March 28th. "Defiant" is a, 2022, gothic rock gem following the lines of the old school goth rock pillars. Compact sound, sharp guitars and an exceptional deep, dark voice.

There is no happy story behind the US goth rockers, Stranger Dreams. The band was originally formed back in 2008 by the electronic music producer, Karloz.M, howver they quickly went on hiatus after the release of the debut EP, later the same year. 13 years later, in 2021, we find Stranger Dreams in the tribute compilation to The Sisters Of Mercy and The Sisterhood, "HONORIS II TRIBUTE TO THE SISTERS OF MERCY & THE SISTERHOOD". Their rework at "Driven Like The Snow" is one of the comp's highlights, and the influences were quite obvious. 

Before that, Stranger Dreams were resurrected in 2018, when Karloz.M found the man who would be his partner in the cold, dark wave, goth rock journey, the guitarist Seamus Simpson. Their mutual love to dark sounds lead them start the creation of the album "After The Rave Has Died For The Dove". While the duo was writing and recording, the pandemic in 2020 forced them to reschedule the release of the album for 2021's fall, in order to finish recordings and production after the end of shutdown. Tragically on Friday June 25th 2021, guitarist Seamus Simpson died suddenly from heart complications, less than 72 hours after hearing and approving new versions of songs the pair had worked on before.

Following this tragic event Karloz.M, along with fellow musician Amoreena Stout managed to gather together all the work the band had done till then. "After The Raven Has Died For The Dove” features over 21 different guitars throughout its entirety. Both the title and artwork for the album were decided on before Seamus’s passing, and is simply an eerie coincidence and yet, it now stands as both a dedication and a monument to Seamus Simpson’s memory, his invaluable gift and unwavering love of music.


"STRANGER DREAMS is pleased to announce that our new album titled “After the raven has died for the dove” will be released by the acclaimed French label UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS in conjunction with the American CRUNCH POD MUSIC LABEL on March 28th, 2022. Both the title and artwork for the album, were decided on before co-writer and guitarist Seamus Simpson’s passing of heart complications in the summer of 2021, and is simply an eerie coincidence. Knowing Seamus, he would have not wanted us to change the title or artwork. More information on the release to come.”






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