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Today's Sound: Unwished - The Temple

Unwished releases their first single, "The Temple"!

"Unwished" is a collaboration between two of the most clever and talented musicians in the goth scene since many years now! In contrast with the name they picked, Unwished is everything but that. It is a collab that every fan of the dark, goth scene would have wished for.

Babis Nikou from Angel's Arcana, Hada. The Flower of Love and Nino Sable from Aeon Sable join forces and announces their first output. "The Temple" is the first single of those two amazing artists, and the result is, perhaps, how melodic dark rock and gothic music should sound like, nowadays! Babis Nikou has taken over the instruments while Nino Sable is on the vocals. Babis Nikou arranges everything with perfection in the music part creating an emotional, hypnotic melody building an atmosphere filled with melancholy. Nino Sable's unique vocals stands on the gloomy ambience and completes the darkened soundscape and misty images visions.

Unwished's first single is available and you can find it in the latest compilation of At Sea Compilations, "La Danse Macabre 14", released on July 19th, and you can stream/download it here:


According to the posts and messages of the two artists "The Temple" is one of the outputs, available in "La Danse Macabre 14". So, we can expect more music from the duo and this unique collaboration. We are really looking forward to this and perhaps, a full length album!






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