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Today's Sound: Seadrake feat. Dorian E - The Fever (Ascii​.​Disko Remix)

Seadrake's "The Fever" got remixed by Ascii.Disko

Two months ago, Swedish-German electro/synth collective Seadrake returned with one of the highlights fir 2022. Their new single "The Fever" featuring the magical vocals of the German chanteusu, Dorian E (Loveblind, Dear Strange). 

"The Fever" is a powerful electro/synth pop song showing the mastery of the duo creating electronic music, while the collaboration with Dorian E gives a strong lyricism to the music of Seadrake and brings an ethereal sound adding colour to this dark electronic anthem which celebrates and denounces the complex emotions of desire and love. The track is all about pushing the limits in sex and love to the extreme, and going deeper to addiction to lust and self-medication.

On May 13th, Seadrake releases the new, Ascii.Disco remixes on "The Fever" and Daniel Gerhard Holc turns it into an intense, raw and hypnotic, powerful techno, dark electro/EBM dancefloor hit. Ascii.Disko is one of the most legendary electronic dance projects from Spain, with releases on renowned labels and has remixed artists like MARC ALMOND, THE PRESETS, and DEICHKIND.



Please notice that these exclusive remixes are only available at Beatport and Bandcamp!

Remix and additional production by
Ascii.Disko / asciidisko.bandcamp.com/music
Mastered by Krischen Wesenberg / studio-600.com








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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