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Elektrospank - FMA is an Online Music Magazine about all forms of dark, gothic, industrial music. Additionally in this new era our magazine will include topics and content about Punk, Post-Punk and even Metal music genres.

For our new visitors, ElektroSpank - FMA is the sequel project of the old and famous ElektroSpank - Inside Freeze magazine, an online version of the pages included in Freeze magazine, printed media about all forms of electronic, underground music.

ElektroSpank took its name after an idea of the most beautiful woman and best person I 've ever met. An Angel. A Dark Angel. 

In the previous ElektroSpank version our logo was designed and created based on her idea. In the current version logo is changed to one that reminds her. Based on her basic design we made it a little different.

ElektroSpank | FMA is a greek non-profit music online media and magazine. However language used is English as we believe that music is international and so we would like to be as well. Thank you all in advance for the support through these years.


ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine is the latest version of the well known dark, gothic, industrial music magazine of the past. ElektroSpank was originally created and powered by Akill and Ann back in 2008. First public online post / article was made in early 2009.

Along with its web existence, ElektroSpank was at that time hosted inside the pages of the famous and most known printed magazine about all forms of underground, electronic music, Freeze Magazine. ElektroSpank continued to support gothic, dark, industrial scene through its printed and online pages. Several bands, artists and djs were hosted in our pages, always trying to support the effort of everyone who loved this music and lifestyle.

And not only this but ElektroSpank covered several other genres, related to alternative scenes around the world. Additionally, several events had been organised and supported while some of the biggest gothic, industrial events and festivals around Europe were also covered in ElektroSpank’s pages.

In 2013 ElektroSpank had to stop its activities because of several important issues. The love for the music and dark, gothic lifestyle never stopped. So, in December 2018, and after a long period of consideration, ElektroSpank was relaunched to its new version, totally update and renewed.

On an important point of time, the new ElektroSpank, became ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine and started again to support this lovely scene and music. While things have dramatically changed since the first period of the web magazine, and now is a one man project with all the work done by Akill, the passion is the same as it was while I was working with Ann.

ElektroSpank | FMA will always try to be accurate and objective along with al the support that can give to the music, the bands, the artists and anyone relating to the music.

Thank you for all the support and keep reading all online music magazines. You, the readers, keep these web-zine, and ElektroSpank | FMA alive.
For any comment, question, feedback or anything else, please send a message in our page, or an email at : info[at]elektrospank.com

Thank you,
Achilleas C. - ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine

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About ElektroSpank - FMA - Online Music Magazine

ElektroSpank FMA is an online music magazine about the darkest side of our lives.

We write about Gothic, industrial, dark wave and all of their sub genres. ElektroSpank FMA is not only about music, but for the dark, Gothic lifestyle as well. We try to support the music and scenes we love. For those who have never heard about ElektroSpank before please visit our about page for more info and history.

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