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Today's Sound: Luc Stargazer - Jupiter (2021 version)

"Jupiter" 's 2021 version is the track of the day selection.

Ten years after the original, the German based space-goth rockers, Luc Stargazer, re-release their fan favourite track, "Jupiter", included in their new EP, "The Comet Tail", along with the different touches of special guests, James Knights, Seasurfer, Martin Acid & Golden Apes.

"the Comet Tail" released on February 4th, via Reptile Music.

"After the full-length-album ""Lunascape"" (2018) Post-Punk quartet LUC STARGAZER continues their space travel with ""The Comet Tail"". The EP combines the band's past and future by transforming the early classic ""Jupiter"" into a fresh sounding outfit as well as presenting several new songs and remixes.

The original ""Jupiter"" was recorded for the first time in 2011 and soon became a fan favourite, especially at live shows. The 2021 version comes up with an extra portion drive and energy while four prestigious artists (James Knights, Seasurfer, Martin Acid & Golden Apes) contribute thrilling remix interpretations on top.

Besides another remix of ""Lucy's Eyes"" (original track from ""Lunascape"") which was masterful created by Whispers In The Shadow members Ashley Dayour and Martin Acid three brand new songs (""Tulips In Rain"", ""Your World Is Mine"", ""Unperfect"") plus three instrumental interludes (""Intersphere"", ""Retipuj"", ""Cosmicsphere"") complete the tracklist."






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