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Dark Winter Festival 2021 (ex-Black Spring Festival 2020) - Liege, Belgium

Dark Winter Festival 2021 takes place in Liege, on January 23rd, 2021!

Then Comes Silence


Joy Disaster

Je T'Aime

Turn Off The Light

The Mars Model

Black Spring Festival 2020 had to be postponed due to the measures taken, to maintain social distancing and to protect everyone from CoranaVirus. It was one of the huge number of great events that had to be postponed and change dates, considering everyone's health and despite the financial loss for, both, the organizers, the bands and the crews.

However, Liege New Wave Events, moved and decided fast, and out of the postponed Black Spring Festival 2020, the Dark Winter Festival 2021 has been scheduled and announced. Read the official announcement of the promotion and organization..

This is with a deep sadness we had to inform you that our Black Spring Festival Liège 2020 is cancelled.

The time needed to clear the world from the Covid-19 will clearly demand more time than the restriction period announced by our governments.
The decision was hard to take, it's an important loss of money and waste of time for us, but in those difficult times safety for all of us must be everyone first goal.

As we have the Liège New Wave Festival 2020 planned for September 19th and no possibilities to postpone the Black Spring Festival between the still undetermined end of restriction period and September, we have decided to keep the same line-up to organize the Dark Winter Festival Liège 2021 on January 23rd 2021.

All presales for the Black Spring Festival remain valid for the Dark Winter Festival Liège 2021.

For those who want to be refunded, you can send us a message till March 31st via our personal Messenger or the Messenger of Liège New Wave Events. We'll proceed to a full refund. (Pay attention, after this date no refund will be allowed)

Lot of love, stay safe, respect the restriction requirements and see you soon in better times.

Thanks for your support.

Dark Winter Festival 2021 is one of these small gatherings and festivals that has all the dark ambience that we need and are organized by individuals that they just want to share the passion for the music they love with all of us. No matter the cost. The two men behind this and other similar events in Liege, Belgium are Pascal Guisse and Jean-François Galler.

Dark Winter Festival 2021 is the dark wave, gothic rock event that will take place in Liege, Belgium, and more specific in Cercle Awirs, Rue Jules Beaumont 1, 4400 Awirs.

Organised by two passionate music lovers, Dark Winter Festival 2021 has a magnificent line up with some of the hottest name of the new weave of gothic rock, dark wave and post-punk.

With Then Comes Silence as a headliner, Dark Winter Festival 2021 is a really "must be" event. The Swedish post-punk, goth rock quartet has just released an amazing album, "Machine". Stay tuned for a review of Then Comes Silence, "Machine.

Along with Then Comes Silence, another promising goth rock band is included. Wisborg is one of the bands that perform their music and express their sound influenced by the pure goth rock elements of the previous years.

Two post-punk, cold wave bands from France will create the appropriate ambience for the festival. The emotional post-punk, Joy Disaster, with their strong melodies and feelings with glances to 90's alternative rock sounds and a great album released in 2019. And Je T' Aime, from Paris, a rather newly formed band with a unique cold, post-punk sound fill with strong bass lines. Powerful rhythms and a great debut album, released in May 2019.

Local bands Turn Off The Light and The Mars Model completes an amazing line-up for what I call an underground, alternative, dark festival. In all aspects.

I spoke with one of the people behind this effort, Jean-François Galler. They are so into this and they believe and support it so much. Read what they had to tell us about the Black Winter Festival 2021. No press releases no official texts. Just words coming out from people who love music

The Black Spring Festival is born by following the concept of the 'Liège New Wave Festival' and with the intention to set a bunch of four main events per year, one by season, including the from now on well-known ‘Liège New Wave Festival’. On the early discussion, we absolutely wanted 'Then Comes Silence' as headliner. We already knew and loved them through their albums. After reading and hearing feedbacks from lot of people in our microcosm about them, we decided to go see them playing live with as goal to discuss directly with Alex and the band about coming to play for us. When we saw them, after 3 songs were played, it was obvious for us both they have to come to play in Liège... Additionally, we knew in secret they'll release a new album in early 2020. So we had a discussion with Alex.

The second band who takes place on the line-up was JE T'AIME. A bit fortuitously I have to say... I already had their album in my collection. But as I always listen to a lot of new things, I have to make a sort. The album had successfully passed the first selection and was waiting to have a second hearing. They were at the same festival where we saw Then Comes Silence. Pascal and I were discussing while JE T'AIME was playing, and we simply stopped talking, both attracted by what was going on the stage... After their show, because it was a show and not a simple quality gig, we discussed with Zoé and conclude a deal. When back in Belgium, we selected a date and ask Alex if they were free for this date, one week later we had a deal with their booking manager. We got back to Zoé for the question about the date, they were free too. So, the date was fixed.

The third band was ‘Joy/Disaster’, we had seen them live at the Cold Transmission Festival in previous July where we already discussed with Nico about playing for us. One phone call and ten minutes later, we had a deal.

Fourth and fifth band was 'The Mars Model' and 'Turn Off The Light', they are two 'more local' bands who had already asked us for playing in Liège. Also, Olivier from 'The Mars Model' is a very well-knew guy from our public and became a friend, the deal was quickly sealed.

We had many discussions about a second headliner, a very well-knew band from Belgium for Pascal which I was ok for. But I had my own idea... When we heard about the conditions and prices for this Belgian band, I proposed Pascal to have ‘Wisborg. Half an hour later we had a deal with Konstantin. This absolutely not means ‘Wisborg’ was a second choice, it's a different one and a better one as ‘Wisborg’ is very great and very promising to me. We don't give a fuck of old well-knew bands who ask a fortune for playing one hour, this is not our goal.

The line-up was complete and we have our first full-based on Post-Punk and Gothic Rock festival. In our region, this musical style is rather underground, only held alive by passionate people. So we can say it's a pure bet and it needs a great deal of courage and audacity to program these kinds of festivals in French-speaking Belgium. This said, for the local audience, to my opinion it's a very interesting program and if I wasn't in the organisation I'll take the time to give it a try and maybe discover some bands I don't already know. And who knows, we're in a small land with lot of highways which you can completely passed through in 2 hours and we're only at 30 minutes from Netherlands and Germany where that music is very well appreciate ! We can only win the bet if the audience comes to our events. Our reward will be your involvement and enthusiasm, rather than any possible profits.

I suggest if you plan to visit Belgium and Liege by the end of April, make sure you do not miss this event!





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