New single "Lost to Art" from Accumortis!

"Lost to Art" official video release from Accumortis!

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New single and b-side from dream-pop Playground Theory, "Paper Words" and "Mary"!

Dream pop band from Greece, Playground Theory, released new single "Paper Words", on November 1st.

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US based project NOIR to release new EP!

NOIR releases new EP, "A Pleasure" in November 2019!

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Twin Tribes, new album "Ceremony", coming out next December!

Twin Tribes announce the release of their second full-length album, "Ceremony"!

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PreEmptive Strike 0.1, 7th full length album, "Progeny Of The Technovore"!

Another great album from PreEmptive Strike 0.1, out on October 25th!

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Cygnosic return with "Epiphany", their 6th full length album!

Cygnosic's new album "Epiphany" is out, from DWA!

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