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Split Single "Devastations / R. Daneel" from The Man & His Failures and Incirrina is out!

Dark rock meets minimal synths in "Devastations / R. Daneel" split single of The Man & His Failures and Incirrina.

Lately, I have found myself, re-discovering and how much I like the idea of split singles. Split singles are an idea begun back in the 80s and they were mainly released in vinyl format, usually targeting to an underground fanbase. For this reason I was really glad to hear the news about the "Devastations / R. Daneel" split single release, from two beloved bands, The Man & His Failures and Incirrina.

The limited edition 7" split single includes two tracks, exclusively performed for this release. On one hand we find the distorted guitars of The Man & his Failures, telling us stories for "Devastations". Words about confused feellings, emotions and sacrifices, arranged with electro rock and dark alternative drum beats, guitars and synths.

On the other hand we let our selves in the minimal synths and keyboards of the amazing Incirrina. A powerfull minmal wave track, with an up-tempo sound, a cold synth melody, while, this time, in vocals we find George K, completing the minimalistic mood of "R. Daneel". A song about the first humanoid ever constructed in earth, a fictional robot, first appeared in the novels of Isaac Asimov, and his unique and kind character.



"Devastations / R. Daneel" is out via Smash records on the occasion of Record Store Day 2021, in a limited edition (50 copies) split lathe cut 7'', and in digital format, availble in both bands Bandcamp pages.







If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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