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Pyrgos Athenon (Πυργος Αθηνων), a new dark urban, ebm project coming from Athens's city dust, debut EP "210"!

Pyrgos Athenon (Athens Tower) creates electronic soundscapes, inspired by human feelings and experiences through the existence of the beautiful buildings of classical modernism in Athens.

Pyrgos Athenon (Athens Tower) is a project that speaks out of the urban sounds and inspired from the heart of the buildings and the human existence and acts surrounding them. It is a music project expressing and representing the city life, the people who walk in the streets, among the buildings, without even trying to sense and listen to the urban feelings and voice. The duo released their debut EP "210" on January 28th, 2021.

However, Pyrgos Athenon talks about people who loved and have been loved. Or not. There is a strong sense of nostalgia in their lyrics. Based on urban poetry they narrate their words with robotic voice. The voice of the human life in the city. In "Ergo Anekpliroto (Εργο Ανεκπλήρωτο - Project Unconsummated)" feels like you are facing one of the unfinished works that remains under construction without any further notice, and it is just giving you their side of reality and existence. Standing there for a long time, rotting, crumbling, crushing. There could be many comparisons to humans life. Lives, thrown away, not being treated and loved the way they deserve it. Music wise we find strong synth melodies in a mid tempo electro, future pop style.

"Limani (Λιμάνι - Port)" is a strong EBM, dark future pop track. Aggression is the first sense when the light distorted voices starts narrating how the city sees the human's life. It is another case of parallelism to human existence. Depressing urban words describing sad images, but with a sense of struggling to stand strong. "Chalkines Leofori (Χάλκινες Λεωφόροι - Copper Avenues) is the story and the sound of time decay and urban blight. Strong beats and melodic synths stands by the vocals.


I could name some music influences of Pyrgos Athenon, but I won't. This project creates its own sound and the main inspiration is the city's neon lights, the concrete and all these things that seems lifeless to most of us. But, hence, Pyrgos Athenon is here to speak for them. And for the life in between and around them. Don't look for visuals of Pyrgos Athenon. They are introducing themselves through their soundscapes and poetry.

"We express human feelings and experiences through the existence of the beautiful buildings of classical modernism in Athens. The people who loved people, the wet eyes, the shadows, the people who exhale the time they have left between buildings, lights and small green squares. The Athens Tower is an anonymous and impersonal project, like the urban planning companies. We express ourselves through music and poetry, we are a project that is based on sound and not at all on image and in any form of visualization of music. We stay away from social media, in essence our voice and the way we spread our sound, it's you, the listeners and the zine. The Tower of Athens consists of two atoms, but it does not matter where they come from or if they were in other shapes, the Tower of Athens is the whole structure and electricity of the metropolis that wants to speak humanly."

Pyrgos Athenon project took their name from a building in Athens, Greece, called Athens Tower, which is the tallest building in Greece, with a height of 103 m. Built in September 1972 (finished) during a dictatorship. It is one of the two towers of Athens, with the smaller second tower next to the first. Despite the criticism it has received due to its design and high height, the Tower of Athens is today considered one of the landmarks of Athens.




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