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P19, the point where talented artists meet!

11 dark wave, dark electro, goth rock artists unite under the moniker P19.

P19 is the collaboration music project of 11 artists, 8 bands from the dark wave spectre. Eight bands that all have their unique dark sound varying from dark wave, post-punk to electro industrial and gothic rock.
P19 is the outcome of an idea and a music mixture that consists of Human, Echoberyl, 3+Dead, Warsaw Pact, Mark E Moon, Miel Noir, Sombre and Inkraktare. Their music ideas turned into a 4 track EP, released on April 19th, via their bandcamp page. And is available for everyone as a free download.
Each artists has contributed with his/her unique style and ideas expressing the cold dark emotions and share it in each song. The EP starts with "No Control" where we find the collaboration of Cédric Sômbre, taking care the vocals and lyrics and Adriano S. Iacoangeli, responsible for all music arrangements. A song balancing between post-punk riffs and electronic elements. "We have no control".
"In Time" is the outcome of the combined ideas of Ivan Delint in drums & bass, Mark Wallbridge with his guitar, Adriano S. Iacoangeli playing the synths and Mark Sayle in vocals & lyrics. An uptempo electro goth, post-punk. A beautiful mixture of various elements with strong guitars and synth lines creating a haunting ambience and the voice of Mark Sayle perfectly completing the picture.
In "Serves You Right" we find the beautiful voice of Elisa Pambianchi creating a quite more ethereal atmosphere, accompanied by the beautiful arrangements of Walnut Groove Axel in drums, Phil Reynolds in guitar & synths and Marcel P. in bass & synths. All together give us a unique dark rock lyrical moment.

Last is "L' Envers Du Decorum". A pure goth rock track with the strong bass line and sharp guitar riffs from Franck Human and a punchy drum from Cedric Sombre. There is also a glance in some 80's new wave elements, while the vocals from Franck depicts the depression and anger of the strange time we live in.
A beautiful project with an amazing result. 4 tracks written into a life full of restrictions and a sense of freeedom that is becoming less and ostensible.
"Born during the 1st lockdown in March 2020, P19 is a collaboration band of musicians from the dark scene from all over the world. Each one worked on his/her own to realize these 4 tracks. Adriano S. Iacoangeli ( Echoberyl ) / Axel Wursthorn ( Sômbre ) / Cedric Manine ( Sômbre ) / Elisa Pambianchi ( 3+Dead ) / Franck Ligabue ( Human ) / Giuse Del Mar ( 3+Dead ) / Ivan Delint ( Warsaw Pact ) / Marcel P ( Miel Noir ) / Mark Sayle ( Mark E Moon ) / Mark Wallbridge ( Inkraktare ) / Phil Reynolds ( Mark E Moon )"

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