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Death Disco band, Animaux Anime released new video single, "Power"

Self-proclaimed death disco band, Animaux Anime, released their latest single, "Power", on June 10th.

Denmark based, Animaux Anime released the single "Power" on June 10th, along with an official video. The five-piece band returns with a minimalistic dark pop, post-punk sound that they like to call death disco. A term which suits their sound and their emotions and atmosphere. With sharp guitars and a pop tempo, "Power" is a catchy single, minimalistic on the lyrics as well. Thor W's dark, deep vocals about dance and love, are completing the band's music. With a blend of 80's synths, disco ingredients and punk influences they create a dark, death disco sound, while their live shows is a captivating experience, wild, primordial and quite refreshing ( read more in Passive/Aggressive).

Animaux Anime has previously released the same-titled EP, "Animaux Anime", in 2019, while, until "Power" they have also released 3 more singles in 2019 and 2020.

Watch the video of "Power" below:

Official Press:

"After two single releases in 2020, AFTERLIFE and SWEDEN, Animaux Animé continues their convincing journey into the post-punk universe. With an unmistakable sense of genre and style, the band delivers a track with a melodic drive lifted by lead singer Thor W's distinct, dark vocals and a sparkling instrumental freewheeling. The sound is striking, the lyrics minimal: Power, say my name. Again and again. No pain…
The single POWER is backed by an alternative and minimalistic music video by Thomas ‘Peber’ Sørensen / Peber Media. Cast: Phillip Leonhard and Sara Lina Maida Nielsen."

"Power" is written and performed by Thor Wendtland, Frederik Hansen, Andreas Skovbjerg, Phillip Leonhard, Joakim Moesgaard, Jeppe Bjerre.






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