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Premiere | Silent Flag releases "Enter The Batcave" single and official video!

"Get Up And Dance" is exactly the feeling of SILENT FLAG's "Enter The Batcave" single!

Dirk Vreys created his solo project, SILENT FLAG and strikes with an absolute batcave dancefloor hit, "Enter The Batcave".

Dirk is singer with the obsCURE – one of the finest the cure tribute bands and singer of A SLICE OF LIFE, a postpunk, wave, alternative band with own material.

"Enter The Batcave" is perhaps a song that you've heard before. Even if you haven't it is a song that you are absolutely familiar with its dark wave, cold wave sound and emotion. It is one of the songs that you just want to dance in dark dancefloor and you want to hear as soon as you get in. "Enter The Batcave" is an addictive dark wave dance track that it will play on repeat for some time since it seems that you always want more of it.

"Enter The Batcave" first appeared in 2017 and it is a dark electrowave song composed by Yannick Rault (Closed Mouth) which saw a very limited physical release under the name "So What?". So What? ceased to exist and Dirk Vreys has decided to release this song along with more of his collaborations with other artists under the name "SILENT FLAG". Over the years Dirk has been active behind the scenes collaborating with others and most material is still unreleased. With SILENT FLAG these songs will be released gradually.

Dirk Vreys comments in his solo project: "Since it is a collaboration project it is not the purpose to go live with these songs in the future, but it is the purpose to let people dance on the darker dancefloors all over the world."

"Enter The Batcave" released on July 23rd and now we present you the official video for this dark wave hit. A video created to, absolutely, express the mood of the song and to bring memories of the first dark wave period, and how dark wave and cold wave sounded and felt like back then. 

 "Enter The Batcave" released digitally in several music platforms and along with the original, it comes with 4 remixes and a long version! "Enter The Batcave" is remixed by Enzo Kreft to a dark electro tune. It is also remixed to an intelligent industrial version by Controversial, while Jupiter remix is a unique one. Last is Juno Noel's 90s trance mix that uses the elements that made a lot of people dance in tha 90s dancefloors.

Suggested for early morning wake ups until late night drinking and dancing moods.  










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