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"The Plan: A Tribute To Mak", a fan tribute, 4cd compilation, in loving memory of Slimelight, London founder, Mayuan Mak!

DJs of Slimelight has curated an amazing 4 volumes compilation to honor Mayoun Mak, the founder of London's biggest dark alternative scene venue.

There is a club that has always been one of the top stages and venues that a band or artist from the dark scene would love to perform live. Slimelight is the longest running alternative-dark scene club event in the world, and has been at its present location, Electrowerkz, since 1987. Slimelight has 3 levels, 2 main stages, 7 distinct areas including 4 main dancefloors. The club used to have a strict membership schema in which only active members could invite new members, whle, now, although it is not necessary, membership still exists with several benefits to members.

Behind this amazing venue and effort there is a unique group of people that is running the club and the events, but one of them was the founder responsible for the most of the events and was pivotal in booking, supporting and promoting many artists in the scene. I was really sad to hear the news that Mayuan Mak the founder of what is a landmark for the dark, industrial, gothic scene has passed away in December 2020.

The people that has been on Mak's side and have been spinning the greatest tunes in the club's famous events, has curated an enormous 4cd compilation, in loving memory of Mayuan Mak, gathering together great music from a number of industrial, gothic rock, minimal wave, dark wave, IDM, neo-folk, noise industrial artists. A compilation which, to others might seemed quite difficult to accomplish. But in "The Plan" was not such a case, since there had been a great response from the most of the bands and the effort received a lot of submissions from many bands that had appeared on the club's stage during its long history, with a number of exclusive tracks and mixes. All the artists in "The Plan" knew and worked with Mak and the number of submissions exceeded any expectation.

Another important point regarding "The Plan" 's release is that all proceeds from the sale of the compilation will go directly to supporting the venue which has had a truly difficult time with the Covid pandemic and then losing Mak.

"The Plan: I will Be Lurking"

"The Plan" 's 4 volumes has named after one of Mak's catchphrases. Therefore, we find "The Plan: I will Be Lurking" with submissions varying in styles and genres, as in every volume and here we find, among others, Inkubus Sukkubus, Mono No Aware, Cervello Electronico, Mechanical Cabaret, Xotox and Proyecto Mirage.

"The Plan: There Is Hope"

In the second volume "The Plan: There Is Hope" the diversity is really great again featuring bans like Dive, Years Of Denial, Somatic Response, Ash Code, HIV+, Greyhound and  many more.

"The Plan: You Never Know"

"The Plan: You Never Know" includes sounds from various forms of electronics from tribal to dark ambient and noisy electronics on one hand and some dark atmospheric moments on the other, featuring names like This Morn Omina, Tony Wakeford, Julia A. Katarina, Empirion, Thorofon, Synapscape, Gertrud Stein, and more!

"The Plan: Big Hugs:@)"

"The Plan:Big Hugs:@)" completes this tribute compilation with more amazing acts and music, featuring bands like Detritus, Othon feat. David Tibet (Current 93), The Devil And The Universe, DSTR (Daniel Myer), Klangstabil, Electronicat, Nature of Wires and more!

"The Plan: A Tribute To Mak" is out since July, 2nd and it is available on Bancamp. A fan tribute compilation honoring a man that has helped dark scene's growth and supporting what is a big part of dark alternative clubbing history, Slimelight. Get into the plan and explore music soundscapes from tribal industrial, dark ambient, experimental, martial industrial, future pop to minimal wave, post-punk, gothic rock, noise rock and ethereal, neo-folk. But above all, once again, an important part of the music and scene we love needs our support!

I wish to Francesca, Mark, Paul and Peter all the best for the future and stay strong, keep doing this amazing job they do for years now!





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