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Texas Post-Punk Lesser Care new single "Palm/Acquired Taste"

Melodic, emotional post-punk from West Texas trio, Lesser Care!

Few months after the release of their promising debut EP, "True Burden", in December 2020, Lesser Care returned with the two track single "Palm/Acquired Taste", released in April 16th.

One of the bands that seems to know how to express all the darkness with their sharp guitar riffs and the post-punk tempo, Lesser Care are definitely here to give us some really good moments and music. It was obvious since their debut EP and is clear now with the two beautifu tracks in this single.

"Palm" expresses its strength from of a loss. Loss of love which transforms to a strong, sentimental dark post-punk track. Deep vocals, with a powerful drum and bass line to accompany the cold, sharp guitars. A sense of desolation included in every element of "Palm" and makes it a haunted and desperate shout to overcome this loss.  

"Acquires Taste" builds its atmosphere on a lower tempo with icy sharp guitars and strong drums. Melodic with emotional vocals, with a feeling of being lost in a misty landscapes, balancing between post-punk tempo and shoegaze arrangements.

Lesser Care consisting of Andres Chavez (Guitar/Vocals/Synth), Angel Yglecias (bass) and Zane Pacillas (drums).








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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