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Ladytron joins Siouxsie and Echo & The Bunnymen for Release Athens 2023! The Haunted Youth with Viagra Boys and Interpol! 23/06/23

On Friday 23 June, Release Athens X SNF Nostos after headliners Siouxsie and Interpol, as well as Echo and the Bunnymen and Viagra Boys, welcomes two more excellent bands. Ladytron, leading representatives of the electro-pop scene of the last twenty years, will perform on the stage of Water Square.

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Stereo Nova (Στερεο Νοβα) in Release Athens Festival 2023 - 15/7/2023

Release Athens 2023 announces and welcomes Stereo Nova (Στέρεο Νόβα), on Saturday, July 15th.

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True cult, deathrock band, Batboner, released new EP, "Flaccid"!

Deathrock with goth punk origins from Norway, Batboner release the "Flaccid" EP, out on March 3rd!

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Delerium releases new single, "Coast To Coast", out of the new album, "Signs"!

Delerium returns after seven years with the new album, "Signs". "Coast to Coast feat. Phildel" is the first single out of the new album!

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Premiere: Electro-punk / Industrial band ASSASSUN unveils new single "At Gunpoint"

Industrial punk ASSASSUN releases the first single, "At Gunpoint", out of the new album, "Chronic Quicksand Depression Morning"!

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THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE : "Precious Hearts", new video by the Canadian dark-pop act

 New video from The Birthday Massacre for "Precious Hearts", taken from their "Fascination" full length album!

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