Meat Injection - System Anomaly | Review

Meat Injection - System Anomaly

June 2020

Wave Records

Dark synths wrapping an angry, cold and dark ambience, expressed with a passionate, full of emotions voice.

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Raskolnikov - Lazy People Will Destroy You | Review

Raskolnikov - Lazy People Will Destroy You

February 2020

Manic Depression Records

Post-punk, cold, dark wave with roots from French legendary scene, while Raskolnikov adopt even some dark indie and shoegaze styles.

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Skemer - Benevolence | Review

Skemer - Benevolence

October 2019

AVANT! Records

Skemer illuminates the darker aspects of the album "Benevolence" with the first release, by AVANT! records, on October 25th, 2019.

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Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth | Review

Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth

March 2020

Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression Records/Unknown Pleasures Records

Velvet Kills will will guide to you to the exit of your mind and body labyrinth!

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