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Ultra Sunn - Night Is Mine | Review

Ultra Sunn - Night Is Mine

March 2021

Oraculo Records

Cold electro EBM in "Night Is Mine" from Ultra Sunn!

ULTRA SUNN is a Coldwave / EBM duo formed in 2019 in Brussels by Sam Huge and Gaelle Souflet. During a discussion about music, Gaelle, fashion designer, talks about the piano lessons of her childhood and her love for electronic music. Sam, then finishing his studies in art history, instantly saw the common artistic project that the couple had so much dreamed of.

ULTRA SUNN's first track, "Night Is Mine" was released in September 2019 and is tinged with tailored classic analog synthesizers sounds that unfold on incisive techno/EBM beats. The song was immediately played at the "Deep In House X Atomium Electronic Festival" and danced by 10,000 people. In October 2019, the band began its tour with the support act for the French band Rendez-Vous.

Before the cancellations due to the COVID 19, the band was scheduled to do the opening for KOMPROMAT on March 13. The duo was forced to postpone their gigs to later dates. 

ULTRA SUNN has the particularity of doing its production from A to Z. All tracks are produced and recorded in their small Brussels studio and every video clip is directed and edited by the couple. The band likes to refer to the sounds of the past but keeps in mind its desire for modernity. The subjects of their songs can talk about street harassment, gender equality, the normative aspect of society and the fight against anxiety.

ULTRA SUNN is also known for its commitments in favor of gender equality, fight against homophobia and transphobia and always ensures that their concerts are safe places for everyone, moments to be accepted and to think of nothing more than music. In May 2020, the band designed masks and half of the profits were donated to ROSA, an
association which actively fights for these causes.

In July 2020, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” is released. The song is a great success on streaming platforms and is programmed on American, English, Israeli, Mexican, Peruvian, Greek, Polish, Estonian and Danish radio stations. The track also goes on DJ sets in Los Angeles, New York and Florida. After a period of composition, the couple come back with the announcement of their debut EP titled 'Night Is Mine', on Spanish label Oraculo Records, release on March 5 2021.

On this EP we find the two previous singles, (Night Is Mine, Keep Your Eyes Peeled) and a new track called Distress. Also, the remix of ‘Night Is Mine’ by Sarin.
Once the pre-orders were announced, the EP knows a great enthusiasm. Lots of press, radios and DJ sets. The tracks has been played several times at HÖR in Berlin, by Ireen Amnes, Reka, Chloe Lula and Sarin.
The band will perform live stream on March 21 for the Luna Negra Festival in Palm Spring, California.

For influences, the duo refers to Coldwave and EBM such as Schwefelgelb, DAF, Boy Harsher, Kontravoid, or Front 242.

First of all i'm gonna start to say a few words about the "Night is mine" and ULTRA SUNN. I connect those two elements together because i believe is a song that shows the sound abilities of the duo. Behind their lyrics the band reveals their personal thoughts and anxieties. So in other words ULTRA SUNN introduces themselves with the "Night Is Mine". It's a hit, for sure. Also the duo is very attractive not only with their sound and voice but also with their appearance that impress. They are two young faces, modern and stylish as their music is.

Sharp synthesizers and loud rhythms that exude a dark and at the same time bright atmosphere, combined with a deep bass voice, dynamic and clear in tone. It was like i was listening to Peter Merphy sing in the modern era.

Second in a row is the "Keep Your Eyes Peeled". This song is really good as the whole EP. I like the sharp synthesizers and the mainstream beats that transformates from dark to cold.

The third song of this EP is called "Distress", another song that stands out, atmospheric and gothic in some parts in its compositions, mainly in the synthesizers. Ιt reminds me of "The Night Is Mine", or this song it just still sounds in my ears? i don't know. Maybe both!

And for the end we also have "The Night Is Mine" in remix version by Sarin, in it's more electro ΕΒΜ version with an atmosphere taken from the 90's. 

Οne is sure,this EP no matter how many times we listen to it, it's rhythm will stay in our minds, it is addictive and extremely powerful, we look forward to hearing more of their songs in the future! Guys i wish you good luck,keep sharing music with us, love you!







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