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Fall Shock - Interior | Review

Fall Shock - Interior

September 2020

Manic Depression Records

Fall Shock releases debut full-length album, expressing their "Interior" world with 80's influenced dark synths.

Fall Shock is an Italian electronic music project founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay in 2018. Shortly after founding Fall Shock, he met Death Metal guitarist Markus O. This collaboration concretizes a sound close to dark-synth wave.

Through an ethos of production, the music of Fall Shock leads to a sound of urgency and moderation, carefully engaging both the listener and the dancer. Distressed voices, flickering synths, straight kiks and hypnotizing guitars, recall inner memories and distant atmospheres. This style of production culminates in the recording debut, which took place in September 2020. The album is called "Interior" and is released on the French label Manic Depression records.

Although I was born in the middle of the 80's, some will say that I did not manage to live much from that time, yes, I may not have managed to live all this, but this sound found more or less refuge in my soul, since many bands from the 80's, until today, made me love the dark scene.

What excites me most is to see bands that have a character mainly internal, it is very important to connect the image you see with the characters of the band and their philosophy, one of these bands are the Fall Shock.
Ηow much I have missed, how much we have missed, a walk in the center of Athens to dance, to drink and come back in the morning, how much energy we keep inside, I guess, I feel the same as Fall Shock feels, since what we are experiencing is global. But beyond what we experience the music is what makes us believe in a better future and no one can deprive us of it. Listening to the first until the last song of the album, I didn't stop dancing and hoping.

"Interior" comes with nine tracks based mainly on post punk sounds with 80s aesthetic, the backbone is dominated by synths and the electronic rhythm along with the danceable drums and melodic guitars amplify the basic sound. The voice is structured and characterized by a particular tone, the singer is experienced enough to express his inner dialogue!

Now let's see the first track of the album "Feels Eternal". Beating drums with strong contrasts, smart rhythmical changes that the listener does not expect. Disco punk rhythm and hypnotic guitars that exude atmosphere, the voice interprets the song aggressively with an echo of optimism!


The second track of the album that also stands out is "Synthetica" and the first role is, obviously, played by the synths. The guitar parts are melancholy and the voice convinces you that you will learn something if you listen to what is hiding behind the words!

"Illusions" is another wonderful song of the album. It has slow rhythm, dreamy and melancholic sound, the lyrics talks about the illusions of an unfulfilled love, sometimes their words are so realistic. "Retouch" is the fourth track. When we all have thoughts about how we can improve ourselves, we need to listen to our inner voice, we know when to do the right thing and how to change our lives.


"Nude Grace" in this song where the guitar has the first role from the beginning. More melodic and low tempo compositions that, slowly, increase the rhythm. The guitar at 1:41 reminds me the solo guitar of ''Christian Death''. All songs are a real kick in the pants!! With "Wall of Try" I want to dance all the time. Disco rhythm with dark melodies!

I think ''Fall Shock'' is a very promising band and it will continue to surprise us in the future with albums like this. Their songs touch our inner side and it is important to always take care οf ourselves, especially in the difficult times we are going through!


1. Exterior
2. Feels Eternal
6.Nude Grace
7.Wall of try
8.The Holy Rage
9.Marion Valery







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