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The Man & His Failures - MMXX | Review

The Man & His Failures - MMXX

February 2021

Smash Records

Electro rock without a single failure, The Man & His Failures new EP, "MMXX"!

The Man & His Failures sound is waving in our darkest moods since 2018. The project of Manos Karakatsanis (aka Manos K.), member (vocals and guitars) of the dark folk rock, Mani Deum, released their new EP, "MMXX" on February, 4th. The Man & His Failures has already released an EP, in October 2018, and two more singles, "Nothing" in 2019 and "The Dagger" in 2020. From the very beginning of this project, there was this sense, that Manos K. has a lot of stories to share. After all, The Man & His Failures is a name and title that perfectly represents our world and the realities we live in, every day.

"MMXX" is the new EP of The Man & His Failures, where Manos and his band-mates, collect all these stories in one release along with some extras, since in here, we find some of the previous works of Manos 's project.

"Persona Non Grata Ver. MMXX" is a new edition of the previously released track (2018), much stronger, where the band let the beat take the control, in an EBM style, and creates an uptempo version of an already powerful song. Along with the electronic parts and beats you will find the industrial rock guitars of Memos Pilaftsis, while the voice of Manos K. is filled with anger and frustration.

"Nothing"is the the song that clearly showed in which paths Manos wanted to drive his project and the music influences that he puts in The Man & His Failures. Dark electronic rock, with the lyrics focused in the lack of communication. Dark indie arrangements and riffs but with a post-punk melody, atmosphere and deep vocals.

"The Dagger" is filled with strength and darkness. Anger in voice and lyrics and a story out of big city's nights. Powerful bass lines, synths and electronic parts, complete the ambience created by the guitars and vocals.

"MMXX" also includes three different editions for the above tracks. There is the "The Dagger (Conjecture Remix)" where there is a different view of the track. The touch of Vasilis Angelopoulos gives an apocalyptic, dark ambience and turns "The Dagger" into an experimental industrial track. "Nothing (George Nikas Remake)" is, as well, another view of the dark atmosphere expressed with this song. Recorded and mixed with a psychedelic touch from George Nikas (The Noise Figures, Holy Monitor) and an ethereal atmosphere from the beautiful voice of Eirini Argyri (Church Of The Sea). "MMXX" is closing with an instrumental version of "Persona Non Grata Ver. MMXX" which is as strong as the original one.

The Man & His Failures gives is a compact and strong, dark electronic rock, EP. Manos K. completes the first part of the puzzle which will bring us with their first full length album, in the future. Dark rock guitars, post-punk bass lines and uptempo beats all over these EP, where every single piece of it narrates a story of man's failure along with experiential images. An EP that should be in your dark rock collection's shelf.

The Man & His Failures is Alekos Sorros (Beats, Synths, Loops, Music), Memos Pilaftsis (Electric guitars, FX), Dimitris Georgopoulos (Electric Bass, FX), Manos K. (Voices, Lyrics, Music, Vision). "MMXX" is out in digital format and as a limited edition cassette from Smash Records.







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