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DARK - Nightmare | Review

DARK - Nightmare

November 2021

Young & Cold Records

DARK, the artist who dance your pain away!

DARK is a person with a Unique style of music and he came first in my preferences with his full length album "Nightmare" written between June 2020 and May 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Including the songs "NIGHTMARE", "FOREVER SUFFER", "NYCTOPHILIA", "IN THE DARK YOU DIE", "GOTHIC LOVE", "LOVERS IN THE DARK", "IN THE SHADOWS", "AVOID EVERYONE", DARK found a home at Young & Cold records. In June 2020 the first single "Forever Suffer" (premiered in ElektroSpank) was released. An enormous bombshell. Followers worldwide watched the clips en masse, and DARK was included in a numerous of streaming lists.

The compositions of the album contains sharp synths, dark punk atmosphere, EBM sounds, dark guitar riffs with deep vocals, goth and post-punk elements and all this together make a perfect "Gothic formula". In this part I would like to say that these electronic compositions focuses mainly in different ideas without repeating the same riff again and again, and I liked that!

This formula touched the dark wave scene just from the beginning and I believe the fact that DARK affects people, except from his compositions, is that he keeps a mystery around his face and name! He doesn't want to reveal his identity but instead, reveals his personality and influences through his music, presenting also some videos with attractive women that give life to his stories! Stories that sometimes talks about an unfulfilled love that didn't last in time, such as the story refers to the song "Nightmare". You will see in the video the figure of a woman with a hard punk appearance that shows the wild side of a relationship that ends in disaster.

Another song that talks about darkness and how much a person can love it and bond with it, is "Nyctophilia" and here I can tell you that the word "Nyctophilia" also comes from the Greek words "nychta" which means night and "philia" which means friendship and is a very beautiful word! One more thing I want to say about this song, is that I like the way the singer expresses it, since it really makes you feel that you love the dark and you want to dance and be left in its magic.

If you listen to the songs carefully you will discover how deeply emotional, inventive and romantic is the whole album. You can feel the rhythm and how addictive it is, while every note can captivate you! I have not heard anything that I don't like so far and DARK does what he does with all his soul! I want to believe that his music will be continue to surprise us also in the future! Τhe whole album is so well made, it exudes the darkest atmosphere with beautiful faces framing it. it makes you want to dance. 

DARK has so far collaborated with great artists like Nicole Willerton on vocals and Lestat Filth on guitars and many beautiful models you can see in the links bellow.










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