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2021 | ElektroSpank's favorite albums

 2021 had so many good music moments. Here are just some of our favorites!

 I recently had a short review for 2021 in my social profiles. It was a quick snippet of the things that made 2021 different and marked that year. Obviously the most important for ElektroSpank is the beginning of our PR services in ElektroSpank PR. An effort we started in order to help bands and artists with a new release, album, single, video or any important fact that they would love to share with as many people as possible. 

Despite this, 2021 was another great year of music. Another inspired period which gave some excellent releases. A numerous amazing sounds, balancing in between dark rock, post-punk, gothic rock, shoegaze to electronics, dark synths, EBM and old school industrial. For me, this is always one of the hardest parts and tasks to do. Choosing a small number of favorites out of a great amount of beautiful music I 've been listening to, throughout the year. 

However, the task is now done, and in the next lines you will find out what the people behind ElektroSpank have been, mostly, listening to in 2021. Below you will find 10 of the favorite albums from me, Cleopatra Kaido, Marlen Moisidou, Thomas Karigas and Konstantina Bouhalis. Definitely, this list could be much, much bigger but we decided to keep a number that would give a taste of all the things we were listening to.  Enjoy!!!

PS: This list contains the selected full length albums from 2021. However there are several singles or EPs that ElektroSpank's editors loved during last year, like Cleopatra's favs, Night Haze - Serial Dreamer, Then Comes Silence – When You're Gone and Hapax - Exile. Marlen Moisidou has been listening and playing Cinemascope's new single, "In Silence". My list could include many more albums like Dead Lights's S/T, Rouge's - Ultimatum, Ductape's - Labirent, Bikini Death Race's - Refrigerator, the reworks in The Foreign Resort's - OutRemixed, the incredible tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy and The Sisterhood, HONORIS II TRIBUTE TO THE SISTERS OF MERCY & THE SISTERHOOD. I would also like to mention Silent Flag's single, "Enter The Batcave", the debut EP fro Pyrgos Athenon - 210,  the second EP from Brazilian goth-rockers Tomb Of Love, "Nekropolis", the split releases from The Man & His Failures / Incirrina, "Devastations / R. Daneel", Blind Delon / IV Horsemen, "Liftloff" and the Austin based, batcavers/deathrock, Altar Of Eden, "Chimeras"

Achilleas C. selections:

10. Sounds Like Winter - Fight The Stairs


Sounds Like Winter dives into the darkest parts of Banister's influences, going from melancholic, cold, post-punk to old school gothic ambience and sounds.


9. Mechanimal - Thorivos (Noise)

Inner Ear Records

"Thorivos" is another experimentation of Mechanimal's machine. Including elements that Mechanimal had never used before. Their fifth album was a completely new chapter. In "Thorivos" we found the Mechanimal's sound machine, narrating the darkest stories in Greek Language.


8. Kurs - Muter

Swiss Dark Nights

Kurs is the solo project of Vahl-R (Valerio Rivieccio - Guitars/Synths at The Coventry) and "Muter" is one of the albums that a music project would love to have as a debut. Dark and haunting electo-industrial creating an intense ambience with the old-school influenced arrangements and the raw, torturous industrial aggression.


7. Spectres - Hindsight

Artoffact Records

Vancouver based post-punk SPECTRES returned with the "Hindsight". Dark punk, sharp guitars and powerful rhythm are the first sounds you get while listening to it, while it turns to a melodic, emotional post-punk and new wave. Two equally beautiful sides of a band that knows how to balance between power and emotions.


6. Mildreda - I was Never Really There

Dependent Records

Mildreda are not new, but, yet, this will be their physical debut album! Collecting sounds from Jan Dewulf's main influences, leads to an album that feels like it should be already released, years now, and hit the industrial clubs.


5. A Prayer for The Worst - Lullabies For Babies

Lonely Demon Records

"Lullabies For Babies" is a deep atmospheric electro, industrial album. Experimental in all senses, including elements from minimal electronics, post-punk till psychedelic rock. An album with a concept idea, an execution and a way it flows which is enough to make you listen to it till the end (at least that happened to me). It is a human's life, from birth till death in 13 tracks.


4. Reptyle - Decrypt The Void

Equinoxe Records

Reptyle returned after a long time with an album that brings them back to thei music roots, blinking between traditional, old school, goth rock and melodic post-punk. Melancholic in moments, building-up a tension, on strong bass lines, dark rock guitars and the voice of Kai Roarside.


3. Pertubator - Lustful Sacraments

Blood Music

James Kent touches the darkest side of his synths creatiing a synthwave album that goes into dark electro and post-punk sounds. Dynamic dark ambient and industrial goth.


2. Odonis Odonis - Spectrum

Felte Records

"Spectrum" is the fifth album from the Toronto based duo and it is one of this cases that I love to listen to. Every turn of this album hides a different view of dark soundscapes. From old-school EBM, to melodic post-punk and new wave and then to dark, industrial rock and techno, breakbeats. A 10-turn, addictive music ride.


1. The Tears Of Ozymandias - The Tears Of Ozymandias

Van Records

Dark, melancholic, it balances between emotional goth rock and melodic post-punk, redefining the term goth wave. The Germans, The Tears Of Ozymandias, manage to give us one of the most impressive debut albums of the modern dark rock, goth, post-punk scene with the same-titled "The Tears Of Ozymandias". Sharp guitars, drum beats glancing at goth arrangements from another era, vocals that immerse you and guiding you through dark paths and lyrics about failures and morale.


Cleopatra K. selections:

10. Plastique Noir - Iskuros

Wave Records

Plastique Noir returned in 2021 with the long-awaited fourth album, "Iskuros". 


9. FIX8:SED8 - The Inevitable Relapse

Dependent Records

With their fifth album "The Inevitable Relapse", their third for Dependent, Fïx8:Sëd8 are taking the final step from a band with a huge buzz to an established force within the electro industrial scene. Τhis album includes the song Tremors (feat. Emke) of Black Nail Cabaret.


8.Mirror Of Haze The End Is the Beginning

Wave Records 

Perfectly gloomy Norwegian goth/post-punk, anchored by a punchy rhythm section and driven by chiming guitar lines and morose vocals.


7.Angel's Arcana - The Reveries of Solitude

Swiss Dark Nights


Stylish Goth Rock. The charismatic Babis Nikou surprises us once again with this album. Both musically and lyrically with it's unique style.



Orden Records

This band does not want many recommendations. even if you have not listened to all their records, you surely know that, whenever they release something new they remain unchanged over time keeping the old school sound and adding some changes.


5.ACTORS – Acts Of Worship

Artoffact Records

Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Darkwave from Canada released Oct 1, 2021 Artoffact Records. Fantastic sound with fresh ideas and great performance on stage,


4.The Cold Field – Hollows

Cold Transmission

I recommend this album as one of the equally good albums of the darkwave scene. Also available on vinyl!



3. Grey Gallows - Garden of Lies

Cold Transmission

You can keep your secrets in The Garden Of Lies. The whole album is a treasure you may haven't discover yet!


2.Twin Tribes - Altars

Negative Gain / Young & Cold Records


A darkwave duo of Luis Navarro (Vox/Guitar/Synth) & Joel Niño Jr. (Bass/Synth) from Brownsville Texas The band's tagline is "Dark melodic sounds, synthesizers, lyrics about the undead, the occult and parallel universes.


1.Dark - Nightmare

Young And Cold Records

Atmospheric and dark melodies affect even the most difficult listener! I highly recommended as the best addictive album you ever listen for 2021!


Marlen Moisidou (Geisterwelt DJ team) selections: 

10. Iamnoone - Dead Season

Cold Transmission

9. Black Rose Burning - The Wheel 



8. ULTRA SUNN - Body Electric

Cold Transmission



Inner Ear Records

6. Sounds Like Winter - Fight The Stairs


5. Camlann - Circa 1983

Cold Transmission



4. Das Noir - Music While Drowning


3. Grey Gallows - Garden of Lies

Cold Transmission

2. Sygo Cries - Talking About Walls




1. IKON - Toxicity


Thomas Karigkas (SilentOrder / Geisterwelt Nights) selections:

10. Angel's Arcana - The Reveries Of Solitude

Swiss Dark Nights


9. WISBORG - Into The Void

Danse Macabre


8. The Sisters Of Mercy - BBC Sessions 1982 1983 1984

Merciful Release



7. ACTORS – Acts Of Worship

Artoffact Records



6. Creux Lies - Goodbye Divine


5. Clan Of Xymox - Limbo


4. Kill Shelter & Antipole - A Haunted Place

Manic Depression Records

3. The Last Cry - Lifeline 


2.Twin Tribes - Altars

Negative Gain / Young & Cold Records




Konstantina Bouhalis selections:

10. Filmamker - Counterspell

Homemort Records

An auditory assault that keeps your heart rate up and blends elements of industrial and dark electronic with perfection.

9. Haunt Me - This Sadness Never Ends 


A somber record that consistently delivers post-punk excellence.

8. Kontravoid - Faceless


High energy dark electronic club bangers, made for the dance floor, with catchy and listenable tracks.

7. MØAA - Euphoric Reall 

WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring) Collective

Shoegaze goes goth with this record, blending the two genres seamlessly with luscious vocals and high energy tones. 

6. sòley - Mother Melancholia

Lovitt Records

An art pop exploration of the darkest themes of capitalism and modern society. Hauntingly beautiful, it’s for the most melancholic. 

5. Doja Cat - Planet H.ER.

Kemosabe / RCA Records


Excellence in pop rap, bringing elements of dance hall and 00s west coast hip hop, it’s fun and atmospheric. 


4. Nuovo Testamento - New Earth

AVANT! Records

Italo disco inspired, it’s a dance floor dream, with LA cold wave foundations it’s 80s meets modern goth. 

3. Slow Crush - Hush

 Church Road Records

Gloomy and dreamy, it’s the best worst sleep you’ve ever had. It’s restless intentions are exquisite and textured, destroying any notion shoegaze adjacent sounds needs to speak softly. 

2. ACTORS – Acts Of Worship

Artoffact Records

Sexy and demanding- this takes no prisoners and leaves us wanting more. It’s almost an effortless album that delivers goth and darkwave perfection.

1. Taylor Swift - RED(TV) 

Republic Records

The re-re-recording of one of the greatest albums of all time. A 10 minute version of one of the greatest breakup songs of all time- enough said. 


Thank you all for supporting all these great artists and their music!

Thank you for supporting and reading ElektroSpank.


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