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This Eternal Decay - Nocturnæ | Review

This Eternal Decay - Nocturnæ

January 2022

Trisol / Soulfood

Dark, obscure songs, industrial romantic sounds and stories about love, death and social fragility!

 "Nocturnæ" is the third full length album and it has been a magnificent way for 2022 to begin. Released on January 7th, it is the third full length of the Italians, dark elctro, goth, post-punk This Eternal Decay. The four-piece band consists of Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date at Midnight), Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) and Alessio Schiavi (Avant-Garde) and with "Nocturnæ" they share the sound of insecurity, death, love, distance and the fragility of which we are all made.

This Eternal Decay formed back in 2018 while at the end of the same year the debut album "I Choose An Eternity Of This" was released. The album was highly acclaimed by the media and the fans and This Eternal Decay went out on a tour really soon, throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The second full length album, "Silence", came out on April 2020 with, again, a warm reception, but due to the pandemic situation the band had to  cancel many shows across Europe. 

This year starts with a really dark and emotional album from This Eternal Decay inspired from all these strange situations and the darkness we are all have fallen into and still trying to find the ways to adopt. 

"Nocturnæ"includes 10 tracks, balancing somewhere between electro goth, post-punk and synth, industrial lines, featuring guest appearances from HAPAX, Avant-Garde and remixes from Ash Code, ACTORS, Wisborg and A Copy For Collapse. The trip into darkness begins with the "Death Doesn't Lie", with a sense of post-punk but in an electro mode. Synths that look to dark electronics and a strong chorus is a strong starter for "Nocturnæ". In "Disappear", a beautiful synth melody follows the vocals of Riccardo Sabetti and the drum beats. A dark synthpop ambience is being built throughout this track.

"Lights" reveals a more post-punk side of the Italians. Guitars and bass comes a little forward with the synths putting the necessary touches in the pallet. The dark bass lines have the primary role in "No Apologies" with glances to dark electro with a bouncing beat along the way and an addictive chorus. "Darklove" is a synthpop dark balad. Emotional vocals and lyrics about an inequal love gets you into the sadness of the melancholic synth melodies. 

"Scars" brings more electro power in "Nocturnæ" going deeper into industrial and EBM elements. A track that could get you up to a dark dance from the first beat. Next is the same titled, "Nocturnæ" which starts with a quite flat beat sound, quickly turns in a dark electro powerful track driven by a strong bass line and that blends a sense of gothicness, along with chorus. "Two Shades Of Black (feat. Avant-Garde)" is the second low-tempo and balad song reaching different soundscapes creating a form of synth-gaze. 

"She Walks Away (feat. HAPAX)" is, perhaps, the one with the most goth rock touches and lines, reminding of old school gothic elements reformed to 2022 sound. Strong goth arrangements, with a dark club attitude and emotion.  "A Deaf Prayer (Outro)" closes this intense dark journey from love to death leaving a dark taste and ambience.

"Nocturnæ" includes the remixes from ACTORS and Ash Code for "Lights, previously released in the maxi-single, along with a radio edit of "No Apologies". WISBORG gives an even more gothic atmosphere in their "No Aplogies" remix, enriching the guitar parts. A Copy For Collapse transform "Scars" into a noise, ambient industrial track.

"Nocturnæ" proves the progress and establishment of This Eternal Decay in the dark electro and goth rock territories. With their third full length album, This Eternal Decay, manages to blend the parts of industrial, synthpop, post-punk and gothic rock into a dark collection of songs and sounds going from slow balads to strong dark songs and electro beats, expressing the agonies that we all have felt during the last two years.







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