DARK unveils official video for the single "Forever Suffer" | Premiere

"Forever Suffer" official video from DARK is out today!

DARK is a new darkwave singer/solo project coming from Hamburg, Germany. It was June, 15th when the dark wave act appeared and released the very first single, "Forever Suffer", via their YouTube channel, and presented by ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine and ElektroSpank Radio Show.

"Forever Suffer" combines the strength of the post-punk sound, adopted to a haunting mood and vocals and dark wave, dark synth tunes. Really beautiful debut for a dark wave project that is hiding some details and adds more mysticism in the dark atmosphere.  

DARK unveils today the official video for the single "Forever Suffer", with all footages DIY and recorded by the model Ghita herself.

"I hope people will see that all of the things showed in the video are true" she said!

The video is recorded in black white with dark aesthetics and based on DARK's concept, "Passion. Pain. I suffer, again. Forever suffer."

"Forever Suffer" video was premiered by Cvlt Nation and ElektroSpank | FMA - Online Music Magazine, on 1st July 2020!

DARK also revealed that is working on the making of the debut album!









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