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Je T' Aime - Passive | Review

Je T' Aime - Passive

February 2022

Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records

Intense post-punk songs in Je T' Aime's new album, "Passive"!

I 've been listening to Je T' Aime's unique dark, post-punk sounds since their very first release back in 2018. Their music attracted me from the very beginning with their fresh dark indie sound, their sharp guitar riffs, the strong bass lines, the melodic synths and the addictive voice of dBoy. 

Je T' Aime formed in Paris in 2018 and they, soon , released their first single, "The Sound" which can be described as a highly energetic dark song blending the french post-punk legacy sound with cold, new romantic elements. Their debut S/T album came out in 2019 keeping these influences and creating a deep post-punk, goth alternative sound.

The trio, consisting of dBoy on programming, synths, bass, guitars and vocals, Tall Bastard on bass and guitar and Crazy Z on guitar, didn't stay on the success of their debut release and despite a period of silence, which among other events, included the worldwide changes in music due to the pandemic, they were working hard to bring what sounds like the perfect next step to their music and songs. In 2022's Valentine's Day, February 14th, the Paris based post-punkers released their new album, "Passive". It is the first "episode" of a conceptual two-part work, the first piece of their second double-album, "Passive/Aggressive".  The second part "Aggressive" will be out later in 2022.

"Passive" starts with the "description" of "Another Day In Hell". A true dark kick off for the album, with a sad melody, slow dragging guitar riffs and the voice of dBoy who, despite, some obvious influences, you could always tell that it is he who is singing, recognizing these elements that make his way of singing so unique. The first track of "Passive", quickly, sets the ambience for the album. Touching, even, some more gothic rock sides of the trio. A 5 minute track that when it ends, you definitely want to play it again and again. 

"Dirty Tricks" goes higher in the tempo. Uplifting mood, heavier, dirtier guitars and a punk, indie tension all over with glances even to some noise rock parts. I dare to say that the riffs hit me with memories of Sonic Youth, and I love the organ synth sound that drives you to the powerful finish. All this tension is perfectly matched with the anxious vocals of dBoy. "Lonely Days" stays loyal to the origins of post-punk, with a beautiful synth melody blended with sharp guitars and a high dose of energy. "Unleashed" keeps the same "touches" and feelings, adding, even, a sense of eastern music tones blended with modern dark, post-punk.

"Stupid Songs (feat. Ophelia)" is a synth, new wave pop song, describing a strange love story through music tastes. Here we find the female vocals of Ophelia from Saigon Blue Rain. "Cold" is an emotional cold wave, post-punk song with strong bass lines telling a story of a frozen heart and love. "Blood On Fire" adds some new romantics elements and synths, keeping the tempo high and a dancing mood and energy, despite the gloomy tone in lyrics. 

"Give Me More Kohl" was the second single out of "Passive", released in October 2021 and it is an addictive, modern, post-punk song with a beautiful synth melody, hiding the joy of a night in dark club. "On The Phone" is based in beautiful guitar sound and a story of a stupid boy in love with a goth girl. "Marble Heroes" is a rather melancholic song about disappointments in life and love and loss of faith in someone's self and the things that are turning one to limestone.

Je T' Aime's, second full length album, "Passive" is a melancholic dark, post punk collection of songs about anyone making the same mistakes in life and love without being able to overpass and make the next move. Fro emotional and cold sounds and feelings to powerful arrangements and danceable lines and riffs. Je T' Aime has developed their sound and they are definitely moving forward, making their selves one of the best acts in French post-punk and beyond.













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