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El Fantasma, Dark comes the night - The Ethereal goth recital

El Fantasma
Dark comes the night - The Ethereal goth recital

Παρασκευή 18 Ιανουαρίου 2019, ώρα 21.00

Ωγύγου 16 και Λεπενιώτου 24, Ψυρρή

An interesting, different and unique concert will take place at Death Disco, Athens, Greece on Friday, January 18th 2019. El Fantasma, the project of a dynamic baritone & pianist, Konstantinos K. will cover some tracks of the dark music scene legends giving new dimension in some of the greatest dark-wave, post-punk, gothic rock hits in passionate performance with original adaptation-orchestration for piano and cello. On stage with Konstantinos K. will be Elli Filippou, a great cello player and Elisabeth, vocalist from goth-rock act En Garde.

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E-tropolis festival 2019 complete line-up

E-tropolis festival 2019 line-up is now complete!

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10 days since ElektroSpank's relaunch. Thank you. Share, Like and win free entrance at Second Skin's club New Year's Eve.

It's been 10 days since our official relaunch date. And the good comments and feedback is a lot more than I expected! Share and like this article, mention Elektrospank | FMA - Online music magazine and you could be the one who will celebrate New Year;s Eve at Second Skin club..., free.

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Release Athens Festival announced another great band, "Alice In Chains"!

Another great band announced for next summer. The legendary Alice In Chains will play live in Athens, Greece on June 24th 2019, as they were announced by the organizers of Release Athens Festival.

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Fabrika Fest with Lebanon Hanover in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece

One really great event will take place both in Athens and Thessaloniki this May. Fabrika festival 2018 will present Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away and Selofan on May, 11th at Gagarin 205, Athens and on May, 12th at 8ball Club, Thassaloniki.

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