Dark Nouveau – A New Compilation from Metropolis

Metropolis Releases “Dark Nouveau” – A New Compilation Dedicated to the Late Scott Walker!

What a beautiful selection of bands and artists, to present a complete dark landscape and all this dedicated to Scott Walker who left us earlier this March.

"Dark Nouveau" is the new compilation from Metropolis Records, released on June 21st. "Dark Nouveau" is a collection of many different bands and artists from all over the world playing a variety of dark music subgenres. From dark wave to dark electronics and cold to synthwave and from post-punk to goth. Every band has its unique view and sound but they all express, how the dark side of music sounds like, nowadays.

Great bands like She Past Away from Turkey, Antipole from Norway, the Italian dark wave duo Ash Code, Hante from France, Push Button Press and Dancing Plague from the US and many many other, all great artists, gathered together to compile this beautiful collection and to honor Scott Walker! 

Scott Walker not only established himself as an eminent composer and producer, but worked with some of the music world’s most celebrated artsts – names like David Bowie, Mark Knopfler, Billy Ocean, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and many others.

To me "Dark Nouveau" is the mirror to what we call dark wave in 2019.

"Philadelphia’s Metropolis Records has always been a beacon of light for bands since their inception in 1993. As one of the leading labels showcasingsynth pop, darkwave, industrial, post-punk, and goth music, the label has been incredibly successful in both reissuing lost classics as well as promoting modern music. With the the former in mind, the label has just announced Dark Nouveau, a new digital compilation, due out on June 21st.
The compilation, which clocks in at a hefty 24 tracks, features a slew of tracks by some of the dark scene’s best underground names, including She Past Away, Twin Tribes, Hante., Ash Code, Antipole, Skeleton Hands, IAMTHESHADOW and many more. The featured bands hail from across the globe, a mix of both the obscure and the well-known, showcasing a vibrant scene. The compilation is also dedicated to the late Scott Walker, who left us earlier this March.

Throughout his storied career, Scott Walker not only established himself as an eminent composer and producer, but worked with some of the music world’s most celebrated artsts – names like David Bowie, Mark Knopfler, Billy Ocean, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Jarvis Cocker, Bat For Lashes, and Sunn O)) adorn his extensive list of collaborations, with even more citing him as a major influence. He signed with 4AD in early 2004, releasing his last studio album Bish Bosch in 2012, along with the Soused collaboration with Sunn O))) in 2014. He also composed for such soundtracks as Pola X (which featured cameos from Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Christoph Schneider), The World Is Not Enough, and Vox Lux (his final release in December of 2018). Walker died on March 22, 2019 at the age of 76, having succumbed to cancer; 4AD states on its website, “We are honored to have worked with Scott for the last 15 years of his life."

Various Artists- Dark Nouveau
1. She Past Away – Asimilasyon
2. Antipole – Deco Blue
3. Ash Code – Posthuman
4. Shadow Age – In Snow
5. Hante. – Silence
6. Balvanera – Compression (The Absent)
7. NOIR – A Pleasure To Burn
8. Skeleton Hands – Unwanted
9. Dancing Plague – An Endless Want
10. Push/Button/Press – Hypatia
11. Night Nail – Nowhere
12. FTR – Black Sand
13. Canter – Black Bag
14. Decedent vs. Slighter – Hyper-Aware (Corruption Mix)
15. Dark Door – Deforme
16. Seeming – The Burial
17. The Harrow – Ringing The Changes
18. Dead Leaf Echo – You.My.Treasure
19. Twin Tribes – Shadows
20. Weird Candle – Alchemist
21. Paradox Obscur – Flesh
22. The Shyness Of Strangers – Serpent River
24. Inopera – Nepenthe





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