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Goth rockers, Tomb of Love, physical album release in May!

Tomb of Love from Brazil will release "The Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" in physical form.

Perhaps you have already met and read ElektroSpank | FMA's interview with goth rockers Tomb of Love. If you haven't you can do it now in interviews section of our magazine, or just follow the link here, Interview with Tomb Of Love - Beautiful Gothic Rock from Brazil.

Tomb of Love is a new band from Brazil, formed in late 2018. They have already released an EP, "The Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" in digital form which you can find in their bandcamp page

Tomb of Love are Thiago Satyr and Luan Lima. They both have a history in creating music since they are known for their work on extreme metal, doom metal and crust bands (i.e.: Beast Conjurator, Subterror, Kurgan, Burial Temple, Witching Altar and Absent).

The time has come for the talented duo from Brazil to release their debut EP on a physical form. "The Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" will be released in CD Jewel Case, with booklet type booklet containing letters, photos and information about the material. Limited release in 500 copies. 

Pre-sales open! $ 20,00 (plus shipping). Launch via Resistência Underground Distro e Prod.Insulto REXEclipsys Lunarys Productionsand Eronnimoüs Records. Copies directly with the band available from may 19th. It will be definitely a release worth buying for everyone who likes emotional gothic rock with dark wave and post-punk elements.

Some things you should now about Tomb of Love is, as the band says "Regardless their metallic roots, the duo always liked to wallow in the midst of the gloomy-yet-electric swamps of Goth Rock, Post-Punk and Deathrock. Influenced by great names of the genre, both 80's classics as well as newer acts, Tomb of Love is their first experience producing such kind of dark music."

What I can say is that Tomb of Love can create great music, influenced by the legends of goth rock and post-punk/dark wave and their sound includes "ingredients" that can make them differ and be unique. Their music is a combination of pure gothic rock with even minimal synth elements.

You can listen to Dark wave, Dark Synth in "Ceiling Death", gothic rock influenced from Sisters of Mercy to Fields of The Nephilim in "What the Moon Brings" and  in "All those Pleasant Nights". There is a pure post-punk track like the "How Fools Love", reminds the sound of Horror Vacui. And as an outro, Tomb of Love has created an ethereal dark wave/gothic track "The Loved Dead". Such interesting tunes combined in a beautiful way.

As Thiago says in our interview about the band's influences, "We appreciate a substantial variety of artists who deal with Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Dark Wave, Deathrock, Horror Punk and also Synthpop, Synthwave and Electronic Music. In Tomb of Love, specifically, I would emphasize the importance of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Killing Joke, Christian Death, The Misfits, Beastmilk, Type O Negative and Plastic Noir."

All the tracks were recorded in home studios with the basic equipment. However their sound was quickly noticed and two contracts were offered for physical versions of the EP on professional K7 tape and CD.

Tomb of Love - "A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure" EP (2019)




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