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Cleopatra Records - The Unquiet Grave 2019 | 20 years celebration with vol. 2

Cleopatra Records released The Unquiet Grave 2019, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the first volume of The Unquiet Grave.

I think most of us have heard of Cleopatra Records. Cleopatra Records had been the home of some of the greatest dark, electro, gothic bands, back in the 90's. Cleopatra Records released some legendary albums back in that period, and even after a turn to different genres, on the bands the company had in its roster, Cleopatra never stopped to be one of the most active independent record companies, hosting a variety of underground and alternative music genres.

Cleopatra Records presents The Unquiet Grave 2019 featuring 25 international Post-Punk, Goth, Industrial, Synthwave and Experimental artists from across the dark music spectrum. The original concept behind The Unquiet Grave varied from Cleopatra's other highly successful boxed set compilations during that time, such as The Goth Box as well as The Black Bible, that featured bands such as Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes and Legendary Pink Dots along with various up-and-coming bands. Meanwhile, The Unquiet Grave exclusively featured newer and obscure artists, showcasing these unheralded hardworking bands that earned the opportunity for exposure to a larger audience. That said, the original 1999 release included such fledgling bands as Bella Morte, Diary of Dreams, Android Lust and Rhea's Obsession, to name a few. The Unquiet Grave 2019 applies the same formula as that original volume featuring 25 deserving bands from all over the global dark underground. The Unquiet Grave 2019 will street on June 14th on all digital and streaming outlets.

The Unquiet Grave 2019 features the following bands:

The Ink Bats, Social Station, The Sedona Effect, Antidote for Annie, Silver Walks, New Zero God, The Long Losts, Schedule IV, Hypofixx, Lorelei Dreaming, Fear Incorporated, Metamorph, Angel Metro, Abbey Death, The Drowning Season, May May Graves, Red Lokust, Acclimate, Traumabond, ENGRAM, Tragic Impulse, Spider Lilies, RCH IV, Dreamchild, Moss Garten.

I want to mention the appearance of one of the legendary Greek bands, New Zero God, with a beautiful song. "Broken Halo".

Go ahead, follow the links below, to listen to this beautiful compilation, combining and compiling a variety of dark sounds and atmosphere. A release from a legendary company, which could make a lot of people remember the way Cleopatra used to find and sharing to the world some great gothic and dark bands.




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