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Pleasure Symbols new album, Closer And Closer Apart, is out!

Pleasure Symbols return with a new album, "Closer And Closer Apart"!

Pleasure Symbols, the Australian female duo releases their debut full-length album, "Closer And Closer Apart", today, May 24th.

The new album is out from Avant! Records, home of Veil of Light, Buzz Kull and many more.

"Closer And Closer Apart" was expected from Pleasure Symbols's fans since the anticipation was high after the release of two singles, prior to today's release. "Images Reflected" and "Dissociation" had been the appetizers of this album.

In "Closer And Closer Apart" and as was already revealed with the two singles there is an obvious influence from the dark, post-punk side of the band, with the extend use of the hypnotizing guitar lines and riffs. Bassline is strong and the result is a beautiful minimal synth combined with coldwave, post-punk sounds. Mostly inspired by the legacy of the 80's cold, darkwve and post-punk Pleasure Symbols delivers a melodic, dark debut album.

Without loosing their characteristics Jasmine Dunn and Steven Schnorrer adds new elements to give a fresh dark sound. While the use of the guitars and the bass moves their sound to these post-punk paths, there is still a dreamy pop-noir atmosphere throughout the album.

Pleasure Symbols consists of Jasmine Dunn and Steven Schnorrer, while in live performances also featuring Lisa Murr and Matthew Deasy.

"Closer And Closer Apart" is available from Avant! Records.

Pleasure Symbols - Images Reflected (official video)

Pleasure Symbols - Closer And Closer Apart






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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