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JE T'AIME - Je t' aime, debut album is out!

JE T' AIME releases same title debut album "Je t' aime"!

Paris based trio JE T' AIME's debut album is out today, May 13th, from Manic Depression Records!

JE T' AIME is a coldwave, post-punk trio from France consisting of Tall BastArd (bass / guitar), Crazy Z.(bass / synths), Dany BOY (voice / synths). The trio formed in Paris, and in 2018 the single "The Sound" was released and it was followed and accepted with really good and enthusiastic feedback by music media and fans.

A year later and after "weeks of sleepless summer nights in the pursuit of new sounds result" their debut full length album is out, including eleven songs.

"Je t' aime" is a really compact debut album with cold and dark ambience throughout the end. Music is in clear coldwave, post-punk paths combining alternative and gothic. Deep emotional vocals completes the music compositions, creating a dark scenery and atmosphere. Additionally, synths and electro elements included, showing their influences and reminding of new romantics bands and artists from previous decades, while keeping a real new and "fresh" sound.

Apart from the already known hit-single "The Sound", the album includes 10 more songs, some of which will definitely be in some dark, coldwave, electro setlists in many clubs and dancefloors. "Dance"  and "C++"is two of these, with a rhythm and guitar riffs, touching "punk" lines, while "Satan's Bitch" is moving to some alternative ways.

"Je t' aime" is out from Manic Depression Records in cooperation with Icy Cold Records and is available in digital format, 3 panel digipack cd and vinyl. Find all the info below, listen to a really promising debut album and purchase the format you love the most.

JE T' AIME -The Sound (official video)

JE T' AIME - "Je t' aime"







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