Siva Six working on new album!

Siva Six are busy lately. According to Side-Line magazine and band's lead singer Z, Siva Six is currently in studio working on their 5th full length album.

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Release Athens Festival announced another great band, "Alice In Chains"!

Another great band announced for next summer. The legendary Alice In Chains will play live in Athens, Greece on June 24th 2019, as they were announced by the organizers of Release Athens Festival.

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Rotting Christ new album release date.

The Greeks are back. Rotting Christ returns in February 2019 with a new release called "The Heretics".

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Laibach on tour, 2019!

Laibach will go on tour, promoting their "Sound of Music" album.

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New album from Black Nail Cabaret!

Black Nail Cabaret, a dark-pop duo from Hungary, formed in 2008 released their new album "Pseudopop" on November, 20th!

Check below their new track "Rhythm X".

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New release from Blutengel, "Vampire"!

Blutengel release their new single “Vampire” on CD and Vinyl today, and on top there is a brand new music video!

Watch it here...

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