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New EP from ESA, "One Missed Call" is out

Electronic Substance Abuse released the "One Missed Call" EP and video, out via Negative Gain Productions!

Jamie Blacker and his project Electronic Substance Abuse has give us one of the best industrial albums of the year. But ESA could not stop there. On APril 29th, the EP "One Missed Call" was released and the beats keep hitting hard.

Including the original version of "One Missed Call" from ESA's latest album, "Designer Carnage" the EP comes with an official video for the title track, inspired by some mystery and horror movies, creating an intense atmosphere. Additionally, there are three unique and amazing remixes on "One Missed Call" and a powerfull remixed version on "Hyena" by the Mexican dark electro/industrial project, C-Lekktor.

"One Missed Call" features three remixes by artists and bands that manages to give their own "touch" and sound in the original track, going from techno arrangements to ritual, post-industrial paths. First comes the remix from the legendary, UK based, industrial, techno, dance duo, Empirion. Empirion gives this techno vibe to the track, ready to hit the dancefloors. Second one is the remix by the, electronic dance music, master, Rhys Fulber. With a gloomy dance ambience keads "One Missed Call" to some darkest paths. 

The last remix comes from the Dutch, dark post-industrial, ritual noise project Noire Antidote of Benjamin Sch. Dark distorted lines and witch-house parts completes these sound puzzle of the "One Missed Call" versions. 

"One Missed Call" comes with the original telephone sample by "our" Konstantina Buhalis (editor in ElektroSpank - Online Music Magazine), while the video was written,  produced, directed and edited by Jamie Blacker on behalf of Jamie Blacker Creative, featuring Scott Fox's voice as "Michael". 

Cinematography and grading by Myles Fearnley

Asst Director and Editor: Myles Fearnley

Asst Writer: Konstantina Buhalis

MUA: Andreea Calin

Cast (In order of Appearance) - Mia McQueen: Scarlett Archer / Parasite: Scarlett Archer












If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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