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Psyclon Nine unveils new single and video, "Money And Sex And Death"

Evil electronics and scratching vocals creates the haunting world of Psyclon Nine's "Money And Sex And Death"!

It's been twenty years since the electronic assault of Nero Belum's brainchild. With their debut album "Divine Infekt", they immediately earned the popularity and notoriety, worldwide. During all these years Psyclon Nine's music has gone down to even darker paths, with his sreaming, scratching vocals and the music palette filled with black metal and post-punk influences that featuring haunting melodies with unbridled menace

2022 is the year for Nero Belum's new chapter, titled "Less To Heaven", where we are about to find Psyclon Nine at a creative peak, with concussive, machine-precise drums, hammering guitars and evil electronics. "Money And Sex And Death" is the first single and "taste" of the new album. There is an intense ambience from the first haunted moments of the song, until the powerful explosion. "Money And Sex And Death"sounds like a ghost crawling into industrial metal territories, knowing you are vulnerable and finally making its audio assault.

Bellum states of the song that “it was inspired by the excitement we feel when we see the world burning around us and the abhorrent personal truths that we hold as sacred. The misery of others has never been viewed by so many angles, and strictly for our entertainment. With ‘Money And Sex And Death’ I am presenting your reflection to yourself.”

"Money And Sex And Death" filmed by Blind7Photography, www.blind7photography.com, directed by Richard (St1tch) Thomas.

Forthcoming album, "Less To Heaven", sees the group charting undefined musical territory that bridges elements of metalcore with doom electronics, trip-techno with black metal, and experimental cinematic soundscapes with alternative rock.

Psyclon Nine commence a US tour on 7th June!





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