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"Procession Magazine Presents THE UNQUIET GRAVE: THE FINAL CHAPTER" - legendary comp from Cleopatra Records

The seventh and final part of the historical collection "THE UNQUIET GRAVE" by Cleopatra Records has been released.

"Procession Magazine Presents The Unquiet Grave: The Final Chapter," is the full title of the famous collection and in this chapter we find NEXUS feat. MGT with "The Words That Got Away", Meat injection with the amazing "Chaotic Ride" and Cleopatra Kaido on vocals, and Remain In Light that take us back to the past with the "X-Corde Vita".

The collection "THE UNQUIET GRAVE" comes with a 23 years of history since the first version was released back in 1999, in an effort to bring out new or underrated artists and bands. In its first release it hosted some of the names who later found their own way, developing their sound, their history and their own powerful fan-base. Names like Diary Of Dreams, Spiritual Bats, Android Lust, The Azoic, Burning Gates and many more were part of this new start. The sequels were just as brilliant for Cleopatra Records, with the list of names in the first 4 collections including bands such as Hocico, Diva Destruction, Attrition, The Cruxshadows in the 2000 collection, Paralysed age, This Ascension, Edge Of Dawn (2001 ), until the last part of the first season of "THE UNQUIET GRAVE" in 2003 with strong features such as Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, The Birthday Massacre, Corpus Delict, Black Tape for A Blue Girl and others.

"The Unquiet Grave" changed course slightly after the first four parts, however it always presented an international list of band entries from the wider range of Post-Punk, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave and Electronic. The collection was revived with the 2 editions that precede "THE UNQUIET GRAVE: THE FINAL CHAPTER" from 2019 and 2020, where among several well-known names we find Greek participation by New Zero God and Gray Gallows.

"THE UNQUIET GRAVE: THE FINAL CHAPTER", is the seventh and final part of the series, which is released with 43 bands and includes riveting contemporary music such as Diavol Strâin, Attic Frost, Byronic Sex & Exile and Plum Green, along with dark 1980s / 1990s bands such as The Veil and Feast of Saints. There is also a blend of new and old elements, with the up-and-coming Brooklyn-based A Cloud of Ravens adapting a 1986 Fahrenheit 451 song, which also appears in the collection. With Angela Benedict on the cover, mastering by Xris Smack and produced by Procession Magazine and Athan Maroulis, "The Unquiet Grave: The Final Chapter" is from April 29, while to celebrate the event, for a limited time, 2019.






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