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Dissonance, new single & visualizer, "Damage: 1st Assault" Feat. MELODYWHORE

Industrial/Darkwave artist DISSONANCE has revealed their new single & visualizer clip, "Damage: 1st Assault." 

Dissonance is the industrial, darkwave solo project of Cat Hall. A unique industrial, rock voice that in this last release expands her own boundaries and she manages to create a contrast in the emotions and the ambience of the listener. 

"Damage: 1st Assault" is another step forward for the talented artist, and, this time, next to her, we find MELODYWHORE, a Texas based post rock, industrial artist, also known form his weekly radio show at radio-dark-tunnel.net. The two artists unit to bring a raw industrial rock track which is a mixture of their music elements and tunes, with Cat Hall's voice diving into raw aggression and then again flying into her well-known lyricism. The new single comes into a 7-track release which, apart from the original version, includes 6 remixes by Joe Haze with JOE HAZE C2FK REMIX, Andrian Hallo with MACHINES WITH HUMAN SKIN,  CORRUPTED REMIX, Steven OLaf with STEVEN OLAF REMIX, Jon Von Herrmann with VON ON THE SPECTRUM REMIX, Brian Carter with REVillusion REVision REMIX and Glenn Kirchner with GLENN KIRCHNER HINKLEY REMIX. 

"Damage" is going to have its second chapter, which will be released later this month by MELODYWHORE's bandcamp page, titled "Damage: 2nd Assault".

Cat Hall comments on "Damage: 1st Assault"...

"I Met MELODYWHORE when I was featured on his radio show RADIO DARK TUNNEL SITUATION 47 (co-hosted by the incredible SAPPHIRA VEE). I mentioned I had been pining to work on some more aggressive tracks and this was the result. We liked the original- "Damage 1st Assault" so much that we did a second version. Damage 2nd Assault will be released by MELODYWHORE a few weeks after the DISSONANCE release. "









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