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New single, "I Believe in Nothing", from goth-rockers, WISBORG!

WISBORG release first single, I Believe In Nothing" out of their new album, "Into The Void".

German goth-rockers WISBORG returns, two years since their second full length album, "From The Cradle To The Coffin", with the first sample out of their upcoming album, coming out on March 19th, via Danse Macabre Records. "Into The Void" is the last chapter of the band's conceptual work and the part that completes their trilogy, after the two previous albums, "The Tragedy of Seconds Gone" and the aforementioned "From The Cradle To The Coffin".

"I Believe In Nothing" is an uptempo, strong goth rock song, in which the Berlin based goth-rockers brings the traditional goth rock influences to the amount they want and create their own sound. While there are references to 80's goth and dark rock sounds WISBORG manage to even give a punkish attitude to this new single, which is also being tranferred into the visual, with the video that comes with "I Believe In Nothing". 

Video art by Vincent Grundke – http://www.vollvincent.com/

Logos by Melting Moons – http://www.facebook.com/meltingmoons.art

WISBORG comments on their new album: “Nikolas and I improved significantly since our early days”, front man Konstantin Michaely states, “both personally and musically. We never stuck to the boundaries of the genre, but with INTO THE VOID we fully went on our own creative path."

"Into The Void" features guest appearances by Jørgen Munkeby (ShiningEmperorMe And That Man) and Dani Divine (internationally succesful fetish model).

Preorder-Link: http://wisborg.bandcamp.com








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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