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New single, "All Else Is A Curse", for Astari Nite!

Astari Nite's, "All Else Is a Curse" hides a deep inner smile behind its melancholic sound.

Miami based, dark wave project, Astari Nite, released their new single, on Monday, January 25th. Few months after their 4th, amazing, full length album, "Here Lies", Astari Nite creates a song that includes all winter images in 3 minutes and a half.

Feelings such nostalgia, melancholy flows beneath "All Else Is A Curse", with the influences of the band, like David Bowie and new romantics era, being obvious, but blended on their own darkness and desolation. 

Mychael, Astari Nite's frontman, comments on the new single, "As of recent I have been listening to quite a bit of Abba, David Bowie and Yazoo, not intentionally of course, perhaps it had to do with the familiar faces I have been surrounded by during this past Fall and now what seems to be, the never-ending Winter. In essence I fell in love with a lot of laughter and simple conversing during these engagements.". 


"All Else Is A Curse" released from Negative Gain Productions and is the first song out of Astari Nite's new album, on which more details will be announced later this year. 

"Often, I would slide away in thought during these times only to be reminded of voices I might never hear again. Feeling merry and magical, Astari Nite began tracking for our next catalog of songs and in an instant “All Else is a Curse” became my new obsession."

Behind all those 80's influences lies a sadness and dark side of happiness which seems to be the band's favorite way of art expression.

"As melancholy as I may appear, I am carelessly smiling deep inside. The more I dwell on who or what moment in time this song is about, I like to believe that sadness is an artform and as cliché as it may sound, it meant everything to me"

The new single can be found here.







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