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A Projection releases new single and video, "Darwin's Eden".

Swedish post-punk, A Projection, touches the electronic side of their dark sound with the new single "Darwin's Eden".

Stockholm based, post-punk, dark wave act, A Projection, released their new single on January 22nd, via Metropolis Records.

More than a year passed since their last full length album, "Section", where the band's sound, while keeping the traditional post-punk lines, went into more gothic pathways. "Darwin's End" constitutes a glance to the electronic influences of A Projection. The new single from the quartet sees them more fully embracing the electronic realm, placing themselves in the intersection between the ‘80s synth pop and the darkwave hit lists of 2021.

The main influences are still here since A Projection has been always inspired by dark post-punk/proto-goth acts such as The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy and Joy Division, along with the electronica of Depeche Mode.

"Darwin's Eden" is a dark synth pop hymn to love, being inspired and created out of the desolation of our times. Beautiful emotional vocals, lyrics depicting devotion, almost obsession, all used to create a dark ambience with the use of strong synth arrangements.

The new single comes with a beautiful video where you can see the darkest and gothic influences of the band, filmed in an old church and a natural history museum, with candlelit visuals that immediately evince a bloodcurdling sense of foreboding, this sense of dread is augmented musically by the baroque romance of an icy, organ-like keyboard motif in tandem with vampiric lyrics and crooning vocals set amongst the gothic backdrop. Video directed by Nicklas Lindahl at Nilfilm.


A Projection is a member of Metropolis Records since 2019 and they are currently preparing their fourth album.

Stream and order "Darwin's Eden" here.






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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