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Technophobia releases new single prior to new album!

TECHNOPHOBIA unveils single "Rattle In Your Chest"!

TECHNOPHOBIA set to release their new material with an album announced for December 4th, titled "Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars".

"Rattle In Your Chest" is a melodic electro pop, dark synth pop track, with emotional vocals and covered electronics.

Washington, DC's dark pop duo TECHNOPHOBIA will be releasing a series of singles starting with "Rattle In Your Chest" on October 2nd that will lead to the release of their long-awaited album entitled “Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars” on December 4th (available for pre-order on 10/2).

TECHNOPHOBIA is the brainchild of Katie and Stephen Petix, the team behind the curtain of both the music and Working Order Records, a growing nonprofit record label that helps raise awareness for charities in the DC area.

The new single "Rattle In Your Chest" offers a taste of the duo's unique layered electronics and emotive vocals that wondrously encompass their forthcoming album "Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars." The "Rattle In Your Chest" single, TECHNOPHOBIA'S first new material since their acclaimed 2016 album "Flicker Out," can be heard here and is available through all digital and streaming platforms.


Pre-order here: http://www.workingorderrecords.org/store








If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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