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Incirrina releases new single and video, "Dance Of The Dark"

Incirrina makes synths sound darker than ever with their new video and single "Dance Of The Dark"!

Incirrina is considered one of the bands that can still make these minimalistic sound of the synthesizers sound so dark and cold while at the same time sounds so addictive.

I had written in an interview with the Greek dark, minimal duo that "Incirrina manage to create a compact and dynamic electronic dark wave soundscape, moving from the cold and minimalistic analogue synths to experimental, dark ambient." And this new material from Irini T. and George K. is going even further.

Synth lines building a dark atmosphere with a strong tempo supporting the two members and the mysticism of their sound. Irini with vocals, emotional and cold, at the same time, gets, even more, depressed and angry when she wants to.

The video stands exactly in this mixture of emotions, while the main character reaches the "Dance In The Dark" but she seems to never find what she is really after!

"Dance Of The Dark" is the first song revealed out of the upcoming Incirrina's new single, "Utter", coming out in November 2020, including two songs.

Video clip was filmed, edited and directed by Nikos Chantzis and Press Eject And Give Me The Tape. All video performance by Alexia. 

Watch the video here and read what Incirrina comments on the new song and video.

This is a music video for “Dance Of The Dark”, that will be included in a 2-track digital single (to be released November 2020).

The lyrics are written by Kostantinos Londos with whom Irini has collaborated in the project “Ward Of Cause” 3 years ago. Konstantinos wrote “Dance Of the Dark” lyrics for Alexia , the dark fairy who is performing in the video.

Nikos Chantzis (Press Eject and Give me the Tape) filmed, edited and directed the video, realizing with his unique point of view the concept he had when first listening to the song and meeting Alexia.

We are very happy and grateful that we had the chance to work together with these wonderful creatures who gave words, images and motion to our music…!








Press Eject And Give Me The Tape





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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