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Iamnoone release "Mantis" via Cold Transmission!

Iamnoone released "Mantis", taken from the upcoming album "A Primitive Trinitas"!

Another great release from the german Cold Transmission. This time, it comes from the beloved Italy, Iamnooen is a post-punk, dark wave cold wave duo.

"Mantis" is the first single, taken from the duo's forthcoming full length album "A Primitive Trinitas", out on February 29th, via Cold Transmission. The single comes with a beautiful b-side, "Moonspell", both in strict post-punk lines with sharp guitar riffs, cold melodies and dark, emotional vocals.

"Mantis" was released along with an official video, premiered exclusively on January 15th, from Post-Punk.com.

Iamnone write aout their music:

"...Cold wave, dark wave, occult wave could be genres that give an idea about Iamnoone music. Everything is shrouded in the atmosphere of a dream, of a trip to the deep self, of a search for the inner light. We believe only through being no one we can, at last, reach peace.."

About "A Primitive Trinitas":

"...Almost a year after „Duplex“, the first work, „A Primitive Trinitas“ offers two more perspectives. One points to the primal instinct, the flesh, the senses, while the other aims at a deeper knowledge, more metaphysical, where the same instincts, the same flesh and the same senses are somehow projected to a more subtle status of

Check Iamnoone in the following links and listen to their new single. Looking forward to the new album.





If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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