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Wladyslaw Trejo returns with synthpunk single, "Movida"!

"Movida" is the new 7" single from Wladyslaw Trejo, released from Polytechnic Youth!

Wladyslaw Trejo returned last November with an amazing 7" single about the difficulties of everyone's youth. A pure synthpunk arrangement using all the magic of the synthesizer and the aggression of the 80's punk. 

"Movida" is the return of Wladyslaw Trejo since self-titled debut album in 2015. This single advances an upcoming vinyl-EP also in London record label Polytechnic Youth  expected for early 2020.

""...Movida" narrates the difficulties of being young, going out to party and becoming involved in a fight without looking for one...."

Original footage: 'VERLIERER', directed by Bernd Schadewald (1987)

Wladyslaw Trejo is a Spanish musician forged in the underground scene and known for his roles with synthwave duo Slovenska Televiza. In his solo project, Trejo leans more towards his punk side whilst revealing an intimate side with no qualms about tearing the ribs out and exposing the soul, and the fears and evil that lurks in us all! A dark and psychotropic journey in the form of feverish electronics, with industrial rhythms and almost paranoid walls of sound. ‘Movida’ is a taster to a full length also on Polytechnic Youth in 2020.

POLYTECHNIC YOUTH is one of the most hyperactive and exciting current British labels. Founded in 2014 by Dominic Martin, who has under his belt the publication of artists such as Spacemen 3, Damon & Naomi, Wooden Shjips or MGMT, with his legendary ‘boutique-label’ The Great Pop Supplement. Polytechnic Youth is an avant-garde curatorial exercise aimed at presenting a new wave of electronic sound creators, with very limited vinyl editions and a careful design that makes them objects of worship for a legion of unconditional followers.





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