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Deathrock Virgin in Veil new album, Permanent Funeral

Virgin in Veil are coming straight out from an 80's batcave with their deathrock riffs!

Finish deathrockers Virgin in Veil released their new album some days ago, on April 26th. The title of the album is "Permanent Funeral".

"Permananet Funeral" is the third full length album from Virgin in Veil, released from Danse Macabre Records. According to the band, in the songs of the "Permanent Funeral" they are experimenting with slower tempos. What I can say, is that there are some really good horror, deathrock tunes in this album and deathrock, horror punk fans will love this album.

"Permanent Funeral" includes 10 songs, all reminding deathrock roots with the horror and some haunting mood and feelings to rise as the album moves on. Punk, horror guitar riffs along with haunting vocals from Jacques Saph. 

From the punk-influenced "Shattered Glass" and "Darkness at Noon" ta the darkness of "Serpents" and the gothic, horror mood of "Self-Destruction" all the songs of "Permanent Funeral" are absolutely into the deathrock attitude of the band. One of my favourites is "78 Nightmares" with a haunting intro and death punk elements following. A really good deathrock album by Virgin in Veil.

The sound of Virgin In Veil has influences from the horror-punk, deatrock bands of the 80's, however it has their own unique additions and style. It will definitely remind you of Specimen, 45 Graves, Alien Sex Fiend and of course it will bring memories of the legendary Christian Death of the Rozz Williams era.

Vrgin In Veil is a four member band consisting of Jacques Saph (Vocals/Bass), Suzi Sabotage (Keyboard/Backing Vocals), William Freyermuth (Drums), Veikko Jokelainen (Guitar) and they have already released two more full length albums in Danse Macabre Records, the debut album "Deviances" in 2016 and their sophomore album “Twisted Thrills” in 2017.

Virgin in Veil - Darkness At Noon (official video)

"Permanent Funeral"









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