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Cold Transmission new volume for ZEITGEIST compilation

ZEITGEIST vol. 9 for Cold Transmision's dark wave, post-punk compilation!

Cold Transmission has anounced the release of the 9th volume of the "ZEITGEIST" compilation.

One week after the release of "ZEITGEIST vol. 8" which contained great choices of bands and songs, today, April 12th, the well-known record company is releasing the next volume, volume number 9.

Again including a set of 31 songs, all of them carefully chosen and performed, by some of the best bands and artists in post-pank, dark wave, coldwave scene.

Some of the bands that are featured in "ZEITGEIST vol. 9" are Antipole, S Y Z Y G Y X, Crying Vessel, Elz and The Cult and many, many more...

As in volume 8, there is another Greek dark wave band featured in this new release. After Angel's Arcana and Deathbed, now it is time for Grey Gallows to be included in "ZEITGEIST" compilation series.

COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC is an International record label and music promotion service based near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is an independent label which releases, promotes and supports fresh, up-and-coming and interesting Post-Punk, Coldwave, Shoegaze, New Wave, Darkwave bands and artists. Cold Transmission runs a regular Mixcloud show as well as organizing gigs, concerts, parties and events.

My suggestion is to go ahead and check not only "ZEITGEIST" compilation all volumes, but all the bands that Cold Transmission hosts. Some of them are Push Button Press, Elz and The Cult, S Y Z Y G Y X and many more, with the latest addition being The Gathering from Vancouver, Canada.

Check "ZEITGEIST vol. 9" full tracklist:

1. S Y Z Y G Y X - Shadowscape* 04:13
2. La Mécanique - Bateau Noir** 03:54
3. So What?- Enter The Batcave (And Dance) 02:54
4. Elz and The Cult - Faith In Me 03:55
5. Milliken Chamber - Lowly 05:11
6. Crying Vessel - Aftershock (unreleased) 04:07
7. Antipole - Shadow Lover (Agent Side Grinder Remix) 03:49
8. Polyverso - Deaf 04:44
9. The Coventry - Natural Order (Single Version) 03:46
10. Belladonna Grave - Change Of Heart 03:47
11. Concavity - Forget Me 05:16
12. Aprilmen - Dead Of The Night 06:31
13. Continues - Unsweetened 03:22
14. Lobby - Violence In Your Eyes 04:34
15. Egoprisme - La Plage 04:54    
16. Figure Section - Another Sun 03:49
17. Glaring - Aversion 04:21
18. Grabyourface - Confession 03:45
19. Grey Gallows - On the dancefloor 04:10
20. Hanging Freud - I Know 03:48
21. Incirrina - Mad Song 04:28
22. Sexy Suicide - Techno Scar 06:08
23. Mater Suspiria Vision - Karussell Der Puppen 03:42
24. Oktober Lieber - The Attaker 04:05
25. peppy pep pepper - Silver Rays 05:02
26. Psychic Guilt - Vine 04:28
27. Roborama - Speed Kingdom 03:24
28. Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - The Lost 03:28
29. UIU - The Sorrow Of Yesterday 03:49
30. The Mark - Temptations 05:16
31. S.T. - Opening 30.3 CET (exclusive Remix by Triplesun) 03:58






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