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A Projection, in all senses, an original post-punk band | Interview

A Projection are back with their third music chapter and we had a great chat about it!

One of the bands that is really in the front line of the post-punk revival is A Projection. The Stockholm based four-piece band is one of those that have adopted the elements of the first era of post-punk, and create an original modern post-punk sound.

A Projection do not only use the elements of 80's dark, punk bands, but they collect them, they have mixed them with influences from the 90's gothic, indie and post-punk acts and the outcome is a beautiful and original dark, post-punk sound and music. Along with their music, you will listen, emotional lyrics expressing their own experiences and agonies.

A Projection return with their third full length album, "Section", after their debut, "Exit" in 2015 and "Framework" in 2017. With an experience and maturity that is obvious, "Section" comes in a time that a lot of different things are happening around the band. From line-up changes to a new start with a major record company like Metropolis Records. Music-wise, A Projection remain focused in their danceable, post-punk melodies and riffs, while exploring a more goth side of their own perspectives. Here in ElektroSpank we presented their first single, "Something Hole", official video, in our video-pick section.

A Projection now consists of  Rikard Tengvall, Linus Hogstadius, Jesper Lonn and Gustav Forneus.

While listening to their new album, we had an interesting discussion about "Section", the music, the band and the future. Enjoy the reading...

ES: Hello guys. First I would like to thank you for this interview. Third full length album and I believe from the pre-hearings that it will be a great one. Before I start asking more, would you like to say some words about you and the band? An introduction of A Projection to our readers?

Well, we are a 5-piece band, in all essentiality, a post punk one. We have been around since after 2013, when we recorded our first demo. Except from the given aesthetics of the genre from which we operate, we are guided foremost by the words ‘meaningfulness’ and ‘honesty’, words that we feel are almost synonymous with the post punk genre.

ES: I will start with the new album. "Section" is coming out on October 25th. Can you tell us some things about the new album?

The album is to a pretty great extent a continuation of Framework, which is reflected in the name 'Section'. Since the difference in the group’s setup has been quite dramatic, with both a new singer and a new guitarist (roles that generally affect the sound quite a lot) we have deliberately tried not to make to big changes sound-wise and song-wise. We figure that the sound will be perceived as quite different anyways.

ES: "Section" comes in a period of time that A Projection had been in several changes. Not only music-wise. Does this album marks a new era for the band and for every one of you, individually?

In a sense, it inevitably does so. The response from the live audiences has been quite a lot better since we changed setup and, also, the band feels tighter as of now. But, like I said in the former question, we tried to do this transition smooth when recording ‘Section’. If there is a new era beginning, I guess that it will be more apparent in the next album.

ES: There is a sense of a mixture of strong feelings, personal experiences and scenes from everyday's life and facts that happen around us, in the lyrics of "Section" 's songs. Could you tell us the facts that inspired you while writing the new album?

As always, the lyrics are reflections of our outer and inner worlds, both current and passed ones. And in some songs, future worlds are touched upon too. Comparing past and current times is a theme that has been reoccurring in our song writing over the albums.

ES: All these words are being expressed through some dark punk music arrangements. Which are the bands that influence you the most, not only in "Section" but since the beginning of this course? How did those influences helped you develop your own sound and identity?

I guess we have been mostly influenced by the classic acts The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division/New Order, The Smiths and Depeche Mode. However, we are also influenced by the second big wave with Interpol, Editors, Bloc Party etc plus many new/current bands. There have also, always, been s strong influence from electronic artists, from classics like Kraftwerk, DAF, Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb to newer stuff like Chvrches, Youth Code and Fever Ray. The bands that somewhat bridges post punk and synth, like Phosphor, Keluar and Linea Aspera, are great too.

ES: What is coming next? After the October 25th and the official release of "Section", which are the plans for A Projection and in order to promote "Section"?

We are having 2 release gigs, in Bielefeld 22 November with Rosi as support and in Hamburg 23 November with Girls Under Glass as headliner. Then we’ll go on ‘Section’ tour 30 Jan – 08 Feb 2020. And we have of course created a lot of new merchandise to compliment the release of the album.

ES: Along with the announcement of the new album, came another important fact for the band. The signing to a major record company like Metropolis. Can you tell us some things about it? How did this cooperation came up?

Yes, we are very pleased to sign up with this monolith of good music! Many of our favourite bands are signed there and we are honored to be part of their roster. We have Celsius Management to thank entirely for our deal with Metropolis Records. Celsius Management have been helping us out for a while and they have done a great job!

ES: "Section" is the third full length album, after "Exit" in 2015 and "Framework" in 2017. Which would you say are the main differences between those albums and "Section"? In any aspect that you 'd like to describe.

We believe that two of the main instruments + partly new songwriters are the biggest differences between ‘Section’ and the other albums. Other than that, we have not tried do make such a big difference as we figured that it would come automatically.

ES: I think there are moments in the new album that you go beyond the traditional post-punk lines and touching even some more gothic barriers. And there is also this dance popish mood in others. But in the end the feeling is that you are an original post punk band. If you had to put a label on your music, which would that be and why?

I still think that it would be ‘Post Punk’ even though we admit that we are often spilling over into nearby genres, with goth, quite honestly, being the closest genre.

ES: There is an enormous post-punk revival during the last years. Back in the 80's, post punk genre was triggered from several music and social facts. Which do you think are the reasons for this strong revival nowadays?

It is a very important style, that I think has been laying under the surface since the 80:s. After it got acknowledged by groups like e.g. Interpol, I think the lid popped of and a long-time pent-up need for this kind of music became visible.

ES: It looks like A Projection choose carefully every future move. Where would you like to see the band in the future? After 5 or 10 years?

We would like to record and play live(cooperating with theaters, dance companies etc are nice too) like now. If even more people would hear our music, then that would be great. Our main goal is really to give as many people as possible the same profound experiences that the we ourselves have gotten via music.

ES: Well, I think we could talk for hours about A Projection and about music. However, I will stop by wishing to see you in a concert soon. Do you have any last words? Anything that you would like to say or share with our readers?

Let music save your life!

And... Order "Section" and other merch at https://aprojection-merchandising.bandcamp.com/ ;)

ES: Thank you very much. I wish you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you again, and to seeing you perform live!

We wish you the best too =)







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