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Video Pick: A Projection - Something Hole | First single from the new album "Section"

A Projection releases new single "Something Hole"!

A new single is out from dark, post-punk, indie rock from Stockholm, Sweden, A Projection. The new song is titled "Something Hole" and is the first "taste" from the band's forthcoming full length album, "Section".

"Something Hole" is creating dark soundscapes with a clear post-punk tempo along with a guitar melody crawling among the drums and a voice going deep and touching the gothic side of the band. I could say that "Something Hole" is somewhere between the darkest sides of post-punk and gothic sounds, showing some influences from The Sisters of Mercy. A really good first single, creating high expectations for their upcoming album, "Section". "Section" will be out on October 25th, 2019 and it will be their first release from the renowned Metropolis Records.

A Projection was formed back in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden and consists of Rikard Tengvall, Linus Högstadius, Jesper Lönn and Gustav Forneus. The four musicians started with an ambition of playing and becoming a true post-punk band. This is obvious in their sound, since the listener can distinguish several influences of great post-punk bands and artists from the 89's through present days. Elements of The cure, Joy Division and even Sisters of Mercy are perfectly mixed with the influences from Editors, The Knife, Interpol or even more electronic projects like Kraftwerk or D.A.F.

According to the members, the band A PROJECTION is a result of desperation. When it all began, the members had safe employments but the longing after creating music that mean something made them quit their jobs and project themselves, head first, through the channels which today reach a growing number of listeners.

A Projection have already two full length albums released in 2015 and 2017,  "Exit" and "Framework", which had received great feedback by the media and fans. 

Enjoy this first new single and stay tuned for all the updates. Looking forward to hearing more out of the new album, "Section"





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