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Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival 2023 | 22-23/7/2023 | Day 1

First day of the festival and my curiosity is high. I've been there since 6:30 and I'm boiling like hell in a big cauldron since it's hot in Athens.

At 19:00 Youth Valley come out. I've never seen them live before and I don't have a particular opinion about their musical background since I'm not familiar with this sound at all. I can't ignore the fact of course, how Youth Valley delivered to 100% what they stand for, all of them well-tuned to the rhythm of shoegaze, not so dark for such a festival but they broke the black pattern with their own color. Young, energy flowing like the valley, just like their name.

I run fast to the Machine Work Stage. Soon, Kalte Nacht' starts the ecstatic bass lines, piercing synth and drum machine compositions by Nikos Konstantinidis, combined with the haunting gothic touches in the tone of the voice of Myrto Stylou, who every now and then mutated into violent and aggressive outbursts, captivated everyone who attended their show in the closed stage. Kalte Nacht gave their best performance and music. I can't wait to hear their new work!

And we "travel" to Russia. I've been hearing the name Ploho for quite some time now, from friends who are into dark music and I was wondering what would it be like to see them live. The moment was not long in coming, and Ploho appeared on the Open Air Stage of Technopolis, with the singer Viktor Uzhakov saying good evening in Greek and starting the set in a really good mood. Musically, I liked them quite a bit, authentic, low-key, subdued, a bit inaccessible to each other but very concentrated and engrossed in their playing, although I couldn't understand what they were saying because the lyrics were in Russian. I understood that Victor felt, in 100%, what he interpreted from his body posture, the maneuvers in his voice and the body movements.

I won't mention Lebanon Hanover, Sad Lovers & Giants, nor will I mention Rue Oberkampf since I didn't have time to see them. I have left Selofan and VNV Nation for the end.

Regrding Selofan, what they stand for, years now, is unique and they are the only band that has managed to stand at major festivals abroad, with a handful of appearances in our country. This year and at our own celebration, they were there and the people embraced them with their fervent applause. Joanna knows very well how to handle her body and movements like a female Klaus Nomi, and at the same time give a performance. Not simply performing her songs. And Dimitris Pavlidis is right there, to accompany her, musically, with his unique style, as well.

The last ones of the closing night are VNV Nation and, after what we have seen and heard, we are prepared to experience something even more ecstatic and I say this because we know what to expect from them and especially from him. Ronnan Harris, who with his expressiveness touches your deepest weaknesses and turns them into strength, could not be different. When Ronnan takes the stage, he has this gift. He doesn't just play good music. He is a source of emotions. The emotion flows abundantly, the quality of character flows abundantly, the views, the words accompanied by the music. I did not stop dancing and moving. He managed to speak to my soul and the souls of those present there. Thank you Ronnan!

VNV Nation live @Death Disco Open Air, Athens - Video by John Frangos

Death Disco Open Air Festival
Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 July - Athens, Greece

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