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Fektion Fekler - Immersed Heroics vol II: Rarities 1989-1992 | Review

Fektion Fekler - Immersed Heroics vol II: Rarities 1989-1992

Re:Mission Entertainment

May 2019

Second volume for the demo material and rarities from Fektion Fekler, is coming out on May 17th.

When Re:Mission Entertainment and Wes Turner approached me and asked me if I would like to write a review for the new release from Fektion Fekler, I felt really well. To tell you the truth, though, on a later thought I was anxious. Anxious because Fektion Fekler is one of the bands that has defined, in a great amount, what we all know as electro pop, syntwave. Additionally, another thought was that I had to listen to this album with the appropriate attention in order to fully enjoy it (as I always do in my reviews). It took me some time to sit and write these words, considering all the above. 

Fektion Fekler used to create electro music that could not be labeled. From dark industrial with heavy lyrics, to dark ambient and soft electro pop all emotional and danceable at the same time. For those who have not heard about those pioneers of electro music, Fektion Fekler formed back in 1989, from two Texan brothers John (vocals) and Robert Bustamante (music/vocals). With a background, already, in music, the two brothers created music as Fektion Fekler, using elements of electro, pop, ambient, industrial ranging in energy and power, from true melodic songs to hardcore industrial sounds. With appearances in a number of compilations, it was 1996 when their debut album was released from the legendary Pendragon Records (past home of Haujobb, Gridlock, Velvet Acid Christ, Xorcist, etc.) under the name "From Here to Heaven". 

Now, during my "research", in Fektion Fekler's present actions, I, sadly, found out that Fektion Fekler is no more. Since this April 2019 and after 30 years of action with a number of releases, albums and DVD John and Robert Bustamante have decided to follow separate music paths with their own individual music project. Therefore, you can understand that this release is going to be a real must have for the Fektion Fekler fans and all the electro, industrial fans out there. The "bad" news is that it will only be released in Limited edition transparent red cassette tape and only 50 copies in total. And it is already half sold-out. Official release date, as announced by Re:Mission Entertainment is the 17th of May.

Now, after this long introduction (but necessary, I think) let's talk about music. 

"Immersed Heroics Vol. II" is a release for collectors and not only. A collection of previously unreleased tracks straight out from Fektion Fekler's archive.

"I'll Miss You" is the first track and the title could mean a lot to the duo's fans. Coming right away from what has characterized Fektion Fekler's sound, back in early 90's, a pure electro popish song. "Tomorrows Will Die" comes out from the haunting moments of the band with industrial sounds and vocals. A potential industrial anthem, a gift to the fans, so many years after its creation.

"Never" is another electro song which reminds some of the first tracks of Fektion Fekler in mid 90's era. The one that came into my mind was the track "My Weakest Point" included in "Awake the Machines" compilation, from 1997. "Vaccination" is going even more into electric and synth paths with an extremely danceable riffs. "So Young Must Die" is another electro wave song, absolutely emotional with some beautiful vocals matched. In "Red Lighter" and "Ping" the listener could identify the experimentations of the two brothers, which really makes sense, since we are in the very early years of the band.

"To You" is another emotional electro track, completely instrumental, this time, while the next one "Divinely Dead" goes even lower in beats but rather darker than the previous one. "Into the Open" is ,again, another dance electro track of the 90's clearly influenced from the period it was written. And "Horizon" is an instrumental electro synth song which its melody brings feelings of joy and love.

"Your Soul" it is rather different song from the previous ones. It is showing us the heavier side of Fektion Fekler. A clear industrial track taken from the 90's industrial highlights, with heavy bassline and drum, while another difference is the addition of a guitar riff. Perhaps my favourite one, along with "Tomorrows Will Die" and "So Young Must Die".

Last one is a "hidden" track, named sdrawkcaB. I understand that, as it says, it is a 0:55 track that is played backwards. My first thought was to find a way to reverse listen to it. I didn't. So if any of you is curious... There are some tapes left and pre-order is open. You have to go for it.

As I mentioned earlier, "Immersed Heroics Vol. II" is a "must have" for electro fans and lovers. Really rare material from a legendary electro industrial band. And all songs worthy of your attention. Unique electro sounds, coming out from late 80's and early 90's through music experiments and obvious elements, compositions and riffs that would, later, characterize and identify the sound of Fektion Fekler. And all these on a really interesting release, a professionally duplicated limited edition transparent red cassette tape, ultra collectible for the fans with a limited edition of only 50 tapes. Another 50 tapes will be released in a different colored shell casing making the full run only 100 tapes!

Fektion Fekler - Immersed Heroics vol II: Rarities 1989-1992


Artist: Fektion Fekler
Album Title: Immersed Heroics vol II Rarities 1989-1992
Record Label: Re:Missions Entertainment/ Synthcere Records
Running time: Side A: Six Tracks: 23:48 / Side B: Seven Tracks: 20:35
Total run time: 44:23

Side A:
1. I'll Miss You
2. Tomorrows Will Die
3. Never
4. Vaccination
5. So Young Must Die
6. Red Lighter

Side B:
1. Ping
2. To You
3. Divinely Dead
4. Into The Open
5. Horizon
6. Your Soul
7. sdrawkcaB




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